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  1. Hello fellow e46ers! Right a small update and more frustrations!! i had the fault codes read and nothing sticking out. Unplugged MAF and the hiccups dissappeared - great - must be the MAF right? swapped over the MAF - reset adaptations and cleared faults - and the hiccups re appear!!! So does this sound like a process of elimination? what other parts would i change to eradicate the problem? it sounds to me and my mechanic its a case of educated guessing but i would hope someone has had the same issue before.
  2. It's extremely fortunate for you we don't have a 'dislike'. You'd have a LOT more than 20 of those haha! Funniest thing on this thread
  3. roof colour offset is nice. dont touch the pillars, i havent seen that on any car thats had the roof sprayed.
  4. How hard is it to do that headlight job?
  5. stick to the m sport bumper instead - you need to spend some monies to get the car looking correct - i.e m3 wings, and it dont look all that in my opinion!
  6. Nice one mate - will need this soon!
  7. Genuine has '13' on the wheel face This ^^ and BMW stamps on the back of the wheel.
  8. but a talking dog nevertheless!
  9. top film - got so many references to retro other movies, not sure a child could really make sense of sheer genius!
  10. Eurgh Pugs! Get a VW polo perhaps?
  11. Welcome! a couple of friends have had 320Ds and have had no issues - look for one with full service (obvious things) i'v had alot of more issues with my 330d then any of my mates did with the 320Ds. Its just sods law at times. But do your homework and get the swirls done if they havent already been done.
  12. just buy a set already already that colour. I paid around 30ish a few years ago, should be available for less now.
  13. scene?! who uses that word. Greys/black is certainly not scene imo! biased maybe as i have gloss black wheels!
  14. another suspension refresh guide.. looks comprehensive. http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=932561
  15. whats the mileage on the car? want to get mine done cars on 104K but having endless issues which need fixing before hand!
  16. Sounds like this, mine did it during the winter when cold, refreshed the PS fluid and all good. Will get a refresh on that today - thanks for your help.
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