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  1. Hi all, after a few years, I have another E46. This time a facelift, 330ci Vert in Silver Grey. Pretty much rust free too!
    I’ve still got my M140i, this is just a bit of a daily, I fancied a vert for the summer
    I got a good amount of money off, and have since fitted new front discs and pads. Cleaned up the interior, boot space and rear lights plus got new badges on order. Needs a good exterior detail but I’ll do that soon.
    It needs a service, so I’ll do this, but it has one issue.
    It seems to be losing coolant, I’ve been topping it up, but today, it was steaming from around the tank and rad area. There seems to also be some oil leakage from the front centre of the engine too.
    Interestingly the temp needle almost never moves from centre, even when cold it’s in the centre within a minute of driving which seems odd.
    Now, I’m worried this is sounding like head gasket, but what are people’s thoughts. I don’t believe the water pump has ever been changed but, that shouldn’t cause it to be getting to hot right?

  2. Hi Guys

    Been a long time since i have posted here, and a few years since i owned my last E46 but i am after another. 

    I need something cheap, it's going to be a daily driver/work car. £2000/£2500 ish. Don't mind on engine but really would like a vert this time. Preferably auto but for the right car will go manual. 


    Anyone got one, or know of one knocking about for sale? 



  3. I spent two days working on this at the weekend and my love for it has really returned, I have that energy back now to get on with it and make some progress. 

    So I sourced two brand new front callipers (at £100 each! :() Got these painted and then fitted with new pads too. A friend of my dad is able to get good discount on genuine BMW parts so I hoping he can get me two new front wings for a good price. 

    I then removed the exhaust and put the wheels back on. The car then came down off its axle stands for the first time in about 18 months! 

    I had a really good clear out of all my parts, sorted them all into boxes (and found a mouse nest in the boot!) then rolled the car outside, again for the first time in about 18 months. I gave the whole garage a good sort out and a clean up too. 

    Seeing it out side again bought back my love for this car, even in pieces. I just cannot wait to get it running again. 


    Now its fully rolling and mobile again I can get it down the road to a garage that is going to do the welding for me. hopefully in the next few weeks! 



    Sorting the pile of parts!




    So finally some progress!  


    I've got the front suspension all re-built now, all connected and torqued up. I have installed the front brake discs and repainted caliper carriers. 


    I have bought two new refurbished calipers for the front that i will fit Saturday with the new pads I've had sat for over a year now! :o At this point it will be ready to take the wheels and i can roll it out. 


    I also fitted the steering pump and HT leads back onto the engine and then painted some areas within the wheel arch with underseal that needed it.


    More pictures to come next Saturday 


  5. 2 hours ago, TriggerFish said:

    If you just want wheels to roll around on, I've a set of bottletops you're welcome to borrow? No rush for them back, I only picked them up as wheels to stand it on over winter, and I've got two other sets I can use for that purpose. 

    ohh that would be good. It's an excuse to come up and see the E30 too at some point 

  6. Well I've not updated this for a while.. but to be fair, I've not touched the car for a while! 

    I have now arranged with a friend to have him do the welding. I just have to get the car rolling, which isn't that big a job. The whole front suspension is rebuilt now anyway and the rear i haven't started on. 

    Whilst the car is at his place and on a ramp we are going to tackled the brake lines too. I do need to get a cheap set of steels for it though. 

    Hopefully a bit more of a proper update soon! 

  7. 1 hour ago, TriggerFish said:

    Swap for a lovely E30?! I can even throw in a free 330d to sweeten the deal?

    Looks lovely though! Worth it over the 120d for day to day use, or is the fun more to be had on 'special purpose' drives?

    Haha! I have my own one of those that needs some TLC!...

    Worth it 100%, with the manual it's great to drive all the time. It just 'wants to be driven' if that makes sense. it's really easy and comfortable to drive around town and then turns into a complete animal in sport when hooning it.  The exhaust valves open, you get bangs and crackles, rev matching on downshifts. 

    The only downside is the fuel, commuting through town gets me about 24mpg... long motorway run gets around 33. 

  8. 56 minutes ago, avalaugh said:

    So what's the 140i ?

    I've had my eyes on 135i's for a while [emoji7]

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    M140i is the replacement for the M135i.

    Looks are all the same but has a new more powerful, more efficient engine.

  9. It's finally here! 

    Well okay, its been here a couple of weeks now but  i am only just getting around to posting. After what felt like the longest 7 weeks ever.

    The car is amazing. That iconic 3 litre straight 6 is a magnificent engine, 0-60 in 4.8 seconds, 340bhp, 500nm. The ride is great for such a well handling car, firm but not bone crashing. 


    I have added some gloss black performance grilles and some gloss black AutoID performance style mirrors.



  10. Isn't the mk4 just awful?! I loathed mine! (gt tdi 150)

    Will make the 140 seem even more amazing having come from one of those piles of depressing crap! 

    *hopes ash doesn't have some weird love for the mk4*

    Yep GT TDI is what I've got here!

    I had a MK4 1.6 as my second car and that wasn't so bad... This one however has done over 200k miles and has not been well looked after!

    Still it only owes me the cost of the four budget cheap and cheerful ditch finder tyres I've had to replace so, just over £100 for a run about.... I can't complain to much.

    But you're right, the 140 will feel even more special when it arrives!

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