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  1. did you replace the trailing arm bushes,, i couldnt get my alignment anywhere near so done the wishbones meyle hd and trailing arm bushes, she is back on form and feels like its on rails again ,, the back end was all over the place,, but when the new trailing arm bushes was fitted its perfect
  2. tried to post pics but too large will need to compress ,,,will get it sorted soon
  3. well ,,bought a set of replica mirrors off ebay for 30 pound,, sprayed them up and they came out very good i must say,,,fitted in 3 mins to the car and looks amazin,,
  4. kosb

    Wishbones ?

    well wishbones as recommended (meyle hd) are being fitted and thought i would do the trailing arm bushes at the same time,,, got a cheeky set of m3 mirriors to fit also :-)
  5. As title says...will m3 coupe mirriors fit onto a vert..or do i need m3 vert ones..cheers dudes
  6. Thinking of putting a set on the vert..i like them... not much about thats the same colour ..
  7. Whats offsets ? .sorry for sounding thick..is it wider rear wheel like my mv2 ?
  8. what size tyres will i need to fit,,worried about rubbing my arches etc
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