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  1. Let us know if they solve it! Kirkynut
  2. You've bought lowering springs. Different springs is the answer and sell these on. Kirkynut
  3. I think that you are talking about seem sealed. Kirkynut
  4. For a new front tyre? £80 for an Avon ZV7 all in. I've been using Avons for a long time 8and they're a great balance between grip and longevity. Kirkynut
  5. Too much time has passed since my E46 commanded that I spent money on it. So today I've had to throw a new tyre on the front driver's side due to a cut in the side wall I found. Was this done in storage after I took them off the Mrs old 325i before selling it or have I upset someone as it was a clean thin slit? Either way, I wasn't trusting it and it's been replaced! Kirkynut
  6. I don't think that the chap who wrote this is still on the Forum I'm afraid. Kirkynut
  7. This is weird electrickery madness. In my experience that is caused by a bad earth or water ingress. Locate the Body Control Module and check for water ingress to it and clean as many earths as you can find. Kirkynut
  8. How do you register it as Euro 4 compliant and who tests it. We've moved on to later compliances since 2012 when the post was created anyway, so it's kind of irrelevant as you'd never get an E46 to comply with the more modern rules. More to the point - diesel is the fuel of Satan and the world now agrees! We should never have been encouraged to buy them by previous governments and should not be buying them now. I walked through town the other day for work and coughed on diesel fumes just from general traffic. I could taste it! Kirkynut
  9. I've used Tesco's stuff in the past. Perhaps that is what caused the algae to start and then bleach was the only thing that would kill it and clean it out. Perhaps I should have left it to soak in bleach with the rubber seal left out. Kirkynut
  10. How weird! So have you just created drains then? Kirkynut
  11. A scan tool might steer you in the right direction but not necessarily tell you what is wrong. It might say low fuel pressure or similar, which could be air in the fuel or something else entirely. A fuel line or filter seal that expands with the warmer weather to allow a tiny bit of air in for example. Sensors like the crankshaft sensor can stop working when really hot when they are on their way out. It might tell you a fault that is obvious but has the engine management light been coming on? If not, you might not have any codes. Get a reader on it and let us know if there are to help us. Kirkynut
  12. The clonk and feeling of something releasing I don't believe can be the ball joints on the wishbones or the track rod ends or they'd do it no matter what temperature. You've done the wishbone bushes, so to my mind it only leaves the steering rack or the UJ on the steering wheel column down to the rack binding, but why it's temperature related I am at a loss. As for shocks, new Sach's from a Motor Factors will feel much better than worn originals. How much longer do you intend on keeping this 182k mile car though? Has it got any rust issues? I'm just wondering if you are spending money on something that you are going to have to get rid of in the not too distant future through it being uneconomical to repair. Kirkynut
  13. Thank you for sharing this. It's not something I've read about before but will keep in mind. Many thanks and kind regards Kirkynut
  14. Welcome along. I don't have the knowledge that you need but I suspect someone else will, albeit we are running thin on members and therefore members with knowledge. That said, those of us on the forum are a pleasant little group with core knowledge and it reminds me of when forums were new and everyone was pleasant and got on! I'm good for mechanical knowledge but not tyre fitment I'm afraid! Kirkynut
  15. I've been using Halfords Berry smelling screen wash but none of them seem to have anything to stop mould or bacteria growing in the coolant. I'm sure they used to. That's where my tiny drop of bleach came in. Kirkynut
  16. Yeah, I only pop a drop in as I was worried about how it might effect the paint. Kirkynut
  17. That's good it was a simple solution but not the easiest to find by the sounds of it! Kirkynut
  18. kirkynut


    Use an image hosting website like Imgur. Upload your picture to it and copy the BBCode from it. Then paste that into the post where you want the image to appear and it will when you save/submit the post. Kirkynut
  19. I'd say those wheels are plentiful and there's few replicas around these days. Kirkynut
  20. I replaced the tensioner with a mechanical one, which the original one was. I've never rebuilt a brake caliper and would rather leave that to a professional. I'm sure I could do it but it's just one of those jobs that you can't afford to mess up. If you replace one caliper, replace both on that axle though. Kirkynut
  21. Sorry, I realised that you were talking about the pulley and not the impeller after posting and edited it immediately but you beat my edit. What's wrong with the plastic pulley. Once you have had it off once and didn't break it, pop grease where it mounts and it will always come off ok again. I've done a few now without issue. Kirkynut
  22. The pulley doesn't come with the pump though. Kirkynut
  23. The plastic ones seem fine to me. Kirkynut
  24. Gates stuff is good. Lots of stuff us made in China but is good as companies like Gates go out and set things up with British quality standards but just using Chinese labour. It's stuff made by a Chinese manufacturer that you need to look carefully at but some of it is good stuff, some of it is a joke. Kirkynut
  25. Were you careful to lubricate the seals with something to prevent them from tearing? I use a little red rubber grease. Perhaps take it all apart and re-fit with some red rubber grease to make sure that you have it all fully seated with no sticking points. Dry seals might seem fully seated but may not be. I found coolant does not act as a good enough lubricant and could see the joints were not fully seated and have the grease, so used it with good results. Kirkynut
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