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  1. It's at Hexagon, they're notorious for massively overpriced stuff.
  2. Zonda_

    330i MPG..

    Have you reset the computer? My 330Ci manual 6 speed averaged 26 mpg and that was a mix of round town and foot to the floor driving.
  3. LPG conversion will be around a grand, not worth it on a car that old imo. You'll never get the value doing so few miles.
  4. No, we don't have issues, he has issues, it stopped being your problem as soon as he paid for it.
  5. Sounds like the anti trap sensor is triggering but as has been said, you don't have to do anything.
  6. Mine bent the first time I used it, very poor quality.
  7. Zonda_

    YM 04 VNB

    Yes, that's what BMW told me, they even tried to discourage me from having it checked on two occasions but as a potential buyer wanted in done I went ahead.
  8. Just a warning in case anyone is looking to buy a 330 Sport. This was my car and when inspected by BMW in December it was found to have severely cracked subframe mounts on both sides. The BMW dealership that took it off me said they would send it straight to auction and I see now from a DVLA check that it has been taxed, if you see it for sale you are in for a big bill to repair it so be warned!
  9. Anyone know how to access the original spec of your car, the DIY guide doesn't work any more.
  10. Have you looked in the panel in the boot to see if there is wiring?
  11. Not the best pic but the weather is terrible!
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