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  1. Well I've been dropped off ready for work and the car passed the 198k mile mark... This morning I had the fronts rebalanced; the driver's side had 40g missing and the passenger front had 'round the clock' balancing done poorly. This fixed the heavy vibration but I'm not convinced it's the only issue as it still didn't feel/sound right under certain conditions. Dropping it into neutral doesn't make it go away and it was happening on long motorway stretches so I haven't pressed the brake in miles (I took cruise off to be sure).
  2. Hi All, So the car is approaching 198k miles and I've driven it to France; I'm due to drive it back tomorrow (shortly beforehand it had a service and MOT). A day or so before leaving I noticed the rear tyres were a bit low an thus had them changed. The tyreshop had a real problem balancing them and he said the alloys aren't in great condition any more (sadly like the rest of the vehicle). Driving back (a short journey, ~15 mins) to where we're staying tonight, after a 60mph ish long left-hander, the steering wheel began vibrating heavily. I pulled over, checked the tyres, had a good pull on each wheel then drove off with no vibration. It did it on the way down here two weeks ago on a slightly uphill section ~65mph. However, it's not always there. I've checked the new rears and there's no sign of a wheel weight missing anywhere and as it's not constantly happening at a given speed I'm thinking that I can rule out a balance issue? Can anyone take a stab at what might be the issue and more importantly if there's any immediate action I need to take? Thanks, Paul
  3. Its parked outside of Quarry Motors currently so it'll get a diagnostic in the morning.
  4. Well my Mrs spent her 30th (missing her own party) due to us being recovered (slowly) from the A59 somewhere in Lancashire, back to Sheffield. She was driving when the car cut out. At first I thought she'd just stalled it and then got a bit flustered as she couldn't get it started. We changed seats and I managed to get it to start with a decent amount of revs. I got about a mile and then slowed for a junction and it cut-out again, no warning light, no bad noises, just no power. Again I got it started and it ran for about 5 miles (on a dual carriageway) until I went over a roundabout, it then cut out again and given the speeds and lack of power assisted braking I decided it was getting dangerous so we pulled over and called Alps Ltd (sold through our insurers and absolutely dire). The recovery technician they dispatched (from a nearby local firm who were fantastic) thought it was the alternator. What do the people of E46 zone think to that? Thanks, Paul
  5. Thanks, that's very very helpful. I'll give the small hands job to my other half (I need to change a bulb already).
  6. Am I right in thinking that with factory fit Xenons I should have a lever under the protective cap with which to change my headlights so they're suitable for use over in Euroland?
  7. Darn forum fiend failed again... Basically it's gone off again (after some spirited driving through the Peak district). We had it serviced this week too (165k). I wouldn't put it past being absolutely filthy recently. It's looking like we might have to look at other cars soon as well. I'm spending a lot of time driving out to sites that aren't really suitable for such a low car (so I leave it and walk), plus they're in the back-end of beyond and in winter, I can't see RWD being particularly good. If anyone is interested in our 320d then drop me a PM (I'll do something more formal when we get back from France), it's nicely spec'd and I've been treating it very well. I'd rather see it go to someone from here than trade it in for not a great deal (when likely buying something I don't really want). Thanks all.
  8. yes it does. Didn't think to check the cruise mind you. Oddly it just came on doing 50mph on the motorway, not while braking, cornering or anything like that. Turning off the ignition hasn't got rid of the faults as of yet. Is general opinion that it's fine to drive like this as long as you're aware of what you're getting (obvs. not ideal if it's bad weather).
  9. Another day another warning light, well two this time actually; both the brake and DSC warning lights are on permanently (yellow). Wheel speed sensor? Pressure sensor? The car is (over)due an oil service (by a few hundred miles), which is scheduled for Thurs. Anyone care to offer some insight or is it a 'wait and see' what codes say type affair? Funny, both my wife and I had been pleased that we hadn't had any issues for a while (we're intending to drive it to the S. of France in a few weeks too!)...
  10. cool! I won't be doing it at that price though...
  11. I've got an 04 320d touring with the factory fitted SatNav unit. What's the best way of getting my music from either my phone or MP3 player through the stereo (I'd rather not spend a fortune)? FM Transmitter of some sort (I've not had the best experiences of these in the past)? Or do I just start burning a load of CDs (I've got a long drive coming up). The car has the bluetooth kit (actually, has anyone checked to see if the latest updates for Android fixed the issues with this working? I completely forgot) but I'm imagining that there's not a built in way for playing music through that? Thanks in advance, Paul
  12. The owner of the tyre shop was a bit frustrated to see us back and spent a lot of time dealing with the tyre. He says the Alloy doesn't need a refurb, supposedly it isn't the best alloy he's seen but it's miles from the worst. Anyway, they've used a tar based sealer this time and they didn't charge us anywhere near full price for the tyre (I went Vredestein). Hopefully this is the last of it.
  13. What's the best bet with corroded alloys, refurb? You can probably see how it is on the picture at full size.
  14. Yeah it's definitely my mistake to not have picked up that it was still a problem.
  15. You can see from the photo there's some corrosion, it was taken in with that in mind, i.e. this is being a PITA what needs doing, they said it was the valve. They didn't dunk it. They used some foam spray.
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