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  1. Hi, My e46 320d has a problems starting up when cold. The glow plug light comes on for around 2/3 seconds regardless of how cold/warm it is outside. I usually kill the battery trying to get it started and then have to connect jump leads etc, and it still takes a good 5-10 mins after the jump leads are connected to get it started, followed by plenty of white smoke. However once it has started all subsequent starts for the rest of the day are fine. The problem only ever occurs on cold days - it is fine when the temp is above 5 degrees. I can hear the fuel pump when the ignition is turned on so I don't think it's that. I have tried changing all 4 glow plugs, the glow plug controller/relay and fitted a new battery and still no luck. I have also checked the 60A fuse in the glove box to the controller/relay and that seemed fine when testing with a multimeter. I am out of ideas now so any help would be appreciated.
  2. anyone bought this???

    I've bought a non-genuine one and it fits perfectly. Just remember pound coins don't fit into the coin holder. I believe it is the same for the genuine ones. I think they are only made for Euros.
  3. I am after some rear seats for a e46 saloon. Must be black and leather. Thanks
  4. My car orignally come with manual non-heated seats. I have retrofitted heated seats in the past so all the wiring for that is already done, but have now purchased some power heated seats so I'l need to wire them somehow. Is it possible to use the same + wire for the heated seat for the power seat aswell? Could I just connect the two + wires together in the seat and use the existing heated seat wiring to power the heated seat and the power function? I'm only asking because I have already taken the passenger seat out and if it is not possible I'll have to order the BMW connectors and wait for them to arrive etc. So it would be easier if it was possible.
  5. e46 First start of the day

    I think it was just a generic code reader. I didn't know some code readers could read codes that other can't The glowplug light stays on for about 2 seconds each time. When it's turning over the car shakes and also once it's actually started the car shakes about for about 5 seconds. The fuel pump was changed about 3k miles ago on the last service. I never thought about this. I'll try connecting the jump leads and trying it again tomorrow morning and see if it has the same problem. Thanks The glow plugs were removed and tested manually and the garage said they are fine. I'll have to find somebody with proper BMW diagnostic software
  6. e46 First start of the day

    No codes, no engine light or anything either
  7. So here's there problem I'm having. On a cold day (3 degrees or less) my car takes a while to start. Sometimes it starts after 10-15 seconds and sometimes it takes about 2 minutes of non stop trying to get it going. It makes the turning over noise and then tries to kick itself into life and the whole car shakes slighlty when it tries to start, but it doesn't get going. Then it fails and tries again, When it finally does get started, a lot of blueish smoke comes out of the back and then after than I can turn it off straight away and it will start again perfectly fine, even if I try after a few hours. It is only the first start of the day when it has the problem. I have had a brand new battery and new starter motor fitted. I had the garage check the glow plugs and I was told they are fine and they don't need changing. I checked the battery voltage in the morning before I started it yesterday and it was 12.5v Any ideas what can be causing this?
  8. Interior lights feed

    Great. Thanks. I was hoping for something that did dim down with the interior lights, but I'm not too fussed
  9. Interior lights feed

    Sorry, should have been clearer. I meant the dash illumination. The footwell/ceiling lights would have been easy enough
  10. I was looking to install some interior LEDs in my saloon, in the door handles and maybe other places depending how it looks. Where do I take the 12v feed from so the LEDs only light up with the rest of the interior lights?
  11. E46 Heated seats retrofit

    Thanks for the reply. Do you know where i could buy the looms from? Or if i could just make them?
  12. Hi, I have purchased a pair of coupe heated seats and plan to fit them to my saloon. The saloon didn't come with heated seats, so I'm praying all the wiring is already available. I need a new center console switch thing with heated seat buttons, HK speaker button and DSC. I've found one on ebay with the heated seats and HK button but it has a ASC button instead of a DSC button. Will this be a problem or should it be okay?
  13. How to tell if plate is private?

    The details on the MID are: Vehicle Make/Model: BMW 328 I COUPE
  14. Interior project results

    I bought some backup parts from a scapyard really cheap, so i didn't care if i ruined anything