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  1. Probably done it already but have you checked the actual fuse to see if it's blown?
  2. As above guys I'm looking for some headlights for my facelift coupe. I've had a look for second hand but they're really hard to come across. What replicas are good to go for? I want them as close to OEM as possible. Thanks
  3. If it wasn't on before the brakes were changed, the ABS sensor has probably been damaged or knocked.
  4. It's made in Shell's factory. I'll see what I can do about an e46zone discount account
  5. The database isn't our own. It goes through DVLA.
  6. Guys don't bother with waiting for letters etc. Just call and say you want to book it in for the airbag recall. I work at Euro Car Parts so we work closely with some of the guys there. If a car comes in for a service etc and needs the recall they'll use whatever airbag is there even if it's for a different customer. I was told I'd get a call but never did. Spoke to one of their techs and he said just call and they'll book it in. It was done in 5 days.
  7. The passenger sides front and rear has the wear sensors in them
  8. Hi guys, Has anyone in here removed their mid box on a 2.2 at all? Been thinking about having it done to get the exhaust sounding a bit better. Not after anything loud. Just a slight improvement in exhaust note would be nice.
  9. I thought this, too. Me too. Seen it loads of times.
  10. I had the exact same set on mine. During the day they look really nice. The rings come out nice and clear but at night they are absolutely horrible. All you see is a nasty blur from the headlight. No definition at all. I was going to put a resistor in so they're dimmer but I ended up damaging one of the rings and only half of it would light up. Now I've disconnected them but the ring itself still looks good sitting in the head lamp. When it comes to fitting them don't bother using the sticky pads. Buy yourself some clear silicone and get them stuck properly. You really don't want to keep having to split the head lamps apart over and over again to sort them out. Other than the the build quality of them is really good but the rings aren't the strongest things in the world so handle them with care. Oh and mine only had 3 months warranty. He wanted a tenner to replace a ring. The ebay advert picture is the same so not sure whether I got them from the same person.
  11. Did a quick search on my phone while sitting here at work but couldn't find anything. The indicator bulbs on a facelift coupe.....I believe they're 582A. Is that right? That's a single filament but I was just thinking how they light up dim when the sidelights don't work so are they double filament? Want to get some LED type bulbs as I've tinted the headlights and need them to be slightly brighter. Cheers
  12. You'll have to follow the wiring from the relay to see where it goes and check the connection. It's probably come undone.
  13. Mine were connected to the courtesy lights so have a look if they still come on when you unlock your car. If not you've probably got a blown fuse.
  14. The airbag light doesn't really have anything to do with the recall. I've been doing it at Mazda for about a year now and always tell the customers that it wont get rid of any airbag lights they might have on. I reckon you've got another fault there somewhere. I would get it checked out asap as nothing in the supplementary restraint system will function with the light on.
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