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  1. Ronseal V Autoglym Waterproofer

    wonder if barber jacket wax would be good ha ha only a tenner..
  2. Introduce yourself

    inpa is laptop only but cheapest at around £20 carly is now a yearly sub of around £50 and foxwell which ive got is around £120 got mine for £107 from certain website..
  3. Introduce yourself

    probably an abs sensor for the lights your getting and if tyhe speedo is playing up then its the rear nearside abs sensor.,,and the c110 is pretty basic..inpa/carly or foxwell nt510 are the best diagnostics,,inpa being the best..carly best for coding things on and off the car..like dead locking etc etc
  4. cjheers,,grease at the ready
  5. think ive got all the info i need now,,tinternet and youtube worked wonders again,,door actuator repair kit for around £5
  6. as title,,i think my door lock is broken,,i use the key in the lock as the battery has gone,,the key now has no resistence,,and just turns with no click,,i have a spare which works on the fob,,but all windows and sunroof open when i open when i unlock with the fob...any advice on fix or new lock etc..
  7. Black 330d Sport Touring

    could just about get a rolly paper in that gap ha ha
  8. Introduce yourself

    i just put a cheapo one in my that has bluetooth and sd card slot etc,,it does me..just left my e90 330d with standard one in as it has a cd slot,not like my e46b had(cassette)
  9. Clubsport Vs M-Sport?

    or just rent the space out that the car would take up..make more than a bit of metal would..or just get a life ha ha just joking,,i do not see the point of it,,
  10. E46 330CI CSL- MV Build

    id keep the sticker..then he can "get down wiv da kids in da hood" ha ha ha
  11. 99% reluctor rings,,as said it reads the signal(sensor). the rings expand wen corroded,there is a solution of putting a little rubber washer/spacer between the sensor and frame,,or getting new rings,,also maybe a new sensor as it may have rubbed against the ring and be to worn down..i have a little traction issues on my e90 330d,,ive had bad sensors on my e46 330d also and yours doesnt sound like just a bad sensor..rings are cheap,,its the labour to remove the drive shaft.sometimes the hub nut is corroded on,,shouldnt be more than 3 hour job max though for new rings both sides..
  12. might of been sold a pup,,or a collectors dream ha ha ..might be a 320 four pot with a 5 on the end insted of a "0" to trick you..or do you have a 325i?
  13. Cades Tyrus 19" Tyre size?

    i have a 9j rear and 255 rubbed .although 18 inch ,,i just go 225 all round noo.
  14. Need some opinions please...

    only other thing that i can think of that would do this is the turbo actuator,,but as your car is N/A that can be ruled out,,,clutches can ghave bad days ..like when its really hot and the car has been driven hard from the get go in the morning,,i still doubt 2 binding calipers would cause this ,especially as they just do not seize straight away they will gradually get worse,,anyway keep us informed as im interested now.
  15. Need some opinions please...

    that smell would have been clutch plate,,same sort of smell as brakes i guess,,revs wouldnt really go up if the wheels were getting bindined on,,it would try and stall..just try and go for a drive,,put it in 6th around 25 mph and floor it,,soon see if its the clutch,,