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  1. Boot decal

    you will get it,,takes a while,,i remember on focus st forum,,i waited donkeys also,,and when i ordered from here it was mules ha ha its all voluntary so takes a while
  2. would have the spacers/manifold and bolts if you dont mind,,but maybe cannot pickup till sunday ish

  3. sold..sold..sold

  4. Red Coolant

    yeh i was told to go bmw for the pump,,think it was £170..my e90 one was cheaper
  5. 320d Winter Tyres

    you would be going faster as the tyre is larger,,although speedos read under anyhow and the amount is minimal from 50-60 profile
  6. hi,,kenney lansbury  ne646rl..jsu wanted to know how my insurance has went up this year,,,insurance is coming down and i thought you did a loyalty scheme,,it was £700 last year and its around £730 this year..i have also got a new quote from you for change of one of my cars and my sons name put onto a different car,,that quote at around £820 also seems very high,,can you do anything to bring the price down cheers,,as quotes from other places are lower..

  7. centre bearing is at the rear of the car,,the prop slides through it,,the bush is inside the prop when you split it,,it slots into the prop,,i assume your car will have it
  8. im sure it was you who started a thread for the febi parts couple years back,,and to the op... yes the bolts are supposed to be only used once,,your choice,,for £50 i wouldnt risk it,,also my car parts were probably a little dearer as its a 330d,,why buy a bmw and skimp on parts..ps centering bush also,,mine was fine when we took it out,,but again id rather have the part at hand when car is at someones garage,,as the time and space to wait on parts arriving is crap,,especially when sourcing yourself,,different if the garage are getting from a motor factors,,which i rarely do .
  9. get febi for te doughnut,,and did you also get the centering bush£7 and bolts for the doughnut£50 i also bpught from their
  10. consider posting?

    1. berts


      Sorry just seen this didn't get any notification,  would rather not post a lot of hassle wrapping them up to send them and will cost a lot to post 

  11. Introduce yourself

    id get the rust sorted if planning on keeping it,,will have to cut it out though,,there are some sellers of rear arch metal..ive looked at them but the car is just not worth the outlay now,,had it 5 years and owes me nowt,,done close to 60k miles and it still drives great,,only wear and tear items..although mines a 330d and not petrol,,good luck with it,still one of the best looking cars on the road,,i also own an e90 330d but the e46 still wins on the looks and handling,,bith cars are mapped and fun in different ways,,always liked the golf in mk1 and mk2 guises,,after that they went down hill in my eyes..
  12. 325i Auto Touring juddering

    just done mine few months ago guibo/flex disc,,done centre bearing a year earlier..someone trsacked down that febi were the makers of both,,so i went with them,,and also a centering bush,,well worth replacing that at £7..as if that is goosed and you put it altogether and its still making noises,,also got new bolts for the disc,,they are as much as the dics nearly at £50...buycarparts.co.uk i used,,but i think it maybe just your centre bearing,,while doing that just check your flex disc..
  13. Looks like my old clubbys a gonner

    probably at a dealers,,they will mot it when it sells,,usual tactics
  14. Red Coolant

    mine started losing coolant last november,,was waterpump,,had quite a bit of play and a strange sort of noise, but not much,,new pump/belts and a thermostat and coolant,,all fine again..330d 53 plate..also get bmw parts for waterpump and stats