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  1. Would like to connect iPhone 6 please

    harry hills just entered the room...FIIIIGGGGGHHHHHTTTTT!
  2. just give cotswolds an e mail with your reg no..they have a topic you can just click and ask...http://www.e46zone.com/forum/forum/73-cotswoldbmwmini/
  3. aye..ive had all 6 plugs fault on my car since ive owned it nearly 5 years,,starst first time on the coldest of mornings with about 3-5 seconds of rough idle..same on my e90 330d..so if its not broke then leave it alone
  4. i would get a genuine waterpump,,i got mine from cotswolds on here(sponsors) same with my thermostats for both my cars ..dont know aboyut glow plugs and module,,but maybe genuine also..
  5. thats wat i was thinking,,i would of said centre bearing,,that can make the shaft flop about,,but maybe its flopped about too much and damaged it..either way id replace the centre bearing and centering bush,,also flex disc and bolts,,,even when flex disc and centre bearing get replaced,,it can still produce vibrations if the £7 centering bush has not been replaced ....very worth while doing the centering bush..
  6. what about the bits,,ie disc.bearing,,worth while doing them at same time..
  7. pot hole took me out

    wheel is back on now,,the pieces that came off were welded back in,,quote a good job,,charged me £30
  8. pot hole took me out

    insurance company for the council has contacted me and wants more pics of road etc,,google earth was easiest way to show and pinpoint the road,,will also get my own oics,,some more of the whole area,
  9. Sport ?

    ive got a factory spoiler also,,dont know if they were available on se models..and black head lining
  10. Sport ?

    front and rear bumpers..steering wheel..sill guards..little m badges on gear knob and wheels.there the ones i can think of..
  11. pot hole took me out

    exactly..ive just drove my usual roads and its like downhill slalom skiiing..should be a competition for driving without hitting one..olympics maybe.
  12. i got my flex disc and centre bearing and centering bush from buycarparts.co.uk(german company) and delivered from germany,,i also got new bolts for the disc...aint a hard job but i would take it to a garage as as has been said,,it would be difficult on stands..exhaust off etc..my indy fitted new front shocks at the same time and rear pads,,he charged me £120 total for all,,which was good.parts were around £150 for disc/bearing/centering bush and disc bolts...all febi bilstein,,which someone traced are what bmw used as oem parts,,and always fit the flex disc with the little arrows facing the gearbox
  13. pot hole took me out

    omg what a joke,,ill jst take rebvenge on the bin men or summit,,fill my bins with sand so they cannot lift them ha ha
  14. pot hole took me out

    as title,,huge potholes..hit one and its snapped something in the suspension,got recoveerd by my indy as his son does recovery..i was 14 miles from home...put com-laint in and doing the route of trying to get northumberland council to foot the bill..2mpot holes about 3ftx1.5ft and 4 inches deep.covered in water so they were hard to see on a 60 mph road,,i was doing about 50,,what a crashing sound it made,thought my alloy and tyre had exploded but they looked fine,,cars at garage for inspection next couple of days,,took pucs etc,,1 man was watching,,,he came over and explained that he was there to take pics as he detroyed 2 tyres the day before,,this was my e46 330d
  15. Kirkynut's own E46

    i have an e90 also, m57n though,,the newer e90 330d lci are n57 which suffer more than the m57n,,