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  1. //M badge positions.....

    yeh,,take them off,,bit of fishing wire,then some tardis or similar to remove the glue,,i dont mind the stripes on the grille if your car has them
  2. Garage ripping me off?

    certainly,,and if when changing ourselves we snap a bolt or similar..its a proper pain in the arse..i always stay at the garage and watch and sometimes help.like i did other day as i pressed brake pedal after caliper fitted.otherwise hed of had one of his lads do it..one is his son and builds weird buggies/off roaders/camper vans etc..hes a whixzz with electrics also.
  3. great,,its deffo one of the items that only genuine will do.
  4. Help with repair quote

    surely they will replace 2 track rods,,seems very strange just to do 1..and them rates are very high indeed
  5. Garage ripping me off?

    just had caliper fitted by the indy i use..made a mistake ha ha ..he charged me £20.. and not the £25 i thought hed charge.now that price it aint worth the hassle of doing my self..simples
  6. Garage ripping me off?

    yup..especially women,,ive been at the garage where i get my car done,,seen women come in and say my car is broken,there is a light come up on the dash,,it was a washer fluid low symbol,,garage i go to would never charge for anything like that,,i even phoned him up few weeks ago.asked if i could get a litre of the coolant he used to fillmy system up,,git it and asked what i owed himm.nothing he replied,,hard to come by good indies also.
  7. Garage ripping me off?

    ha ha ive just had one done on my e46 and tomorrow im getting one on rear of my e90...£25 to fit .and with my surcharge back £90 for the caliper...
  8. your key battery is dead,company on e bay do it for £20 or there is a how to but you have to cut key open with a stanley knife and mess with the chip..plenty info on it if you hit search button
  9. Fuel pressure problem 330d

    do you mean m57,,or have you got an lci e9x..this is an e46 forum..some members have an e90 like me...i know the engines are nearly the same..there is an e90 forum on here but it does not get used at all.
  10. yeh update when done.
  11. also has your e46 got an egr stat ?,mine does not its a 53 plate,,my e90 330d has,,ive done both cars in the last 6 months and temps are great now..
  12. Oil below car

    grease will look black as its been in the cv boot for a while,,and when its spinning with a split in it, violently it throws grease everywhere,usually on the inside of alloy and a bit on the outside..also all over bottom of shocker and parts in vicinity..ties in with knocking.
  13. you did use bmw gebuine yeh?