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  1. bmw indy i use had an laguna secca blue m3 cabby in,,had a csl boot with a carbon lip spoiler,,i was drooling,,i thought it was a wrap on the edge of the boot it looked so subtle,,was lovely
  2. arms etc will have to come out,,then get bushes in,,so unless your doing it yourself,,is it worth it,,depends how much mechanic is charging for labour,,ive justb changed all front arms on my e90 330d,,control arms/radius arms/drop links,,the guy i used had to use heat,,so the ball joints/knuckles were shot with the heat anyway,,good luck though,,ps arms are different shape on the e90,,,but when i had control arm(lower) rear bushes done on my e46 i remember he just cut the bush out with a grinder and replaced the bush without taking the whole arm off..
  3. how do you know your car has reached desired temp,?,have you checked via hidden menu? sounds like your thermostats are goosed,,you could have 2 or 1 stat,,i had a 53 plate and only had 1 stat,,yours could have 2,,egr and main,,also clean your egr yes,,but i doubt thats affecting mpg..ps your car should be going over 90 degrees,,i changed sta on my e46 330d and new stats on my 2 present cars ie e90 330d and 335d,,my e90 went from 36 mpg to 42 mpg,,
  4. rasa


    mine got done over 3 years ago,,car sold few weeks ago,,had both my other cars in lately for the heater blower wires,,e92 335d and e90 330d
  5. sold my e46 saloon sport with 157 k miles..no where near mint..53 plate (204) bhp..very rusfed rear arches and rusted around the front grille and a few other bits,,seen better days the car,,was very pleased to get £1420,,had spent a bit in the last year on it though
  6. engine has a massive part tp play in these cars,,if its a 320i for example it it aint worth much,,and also the miles will go against it unless its a 330d
  7. if theyaint been swallowed upmby now then kt looks like your safe,,it aint the swirl itself that falls in ,,its the inner bit etc,,the outside stay on,,but id get the mani off and blank asap
  8. damn things,,never worked on my e46 after about 2 months of ownership,,my e90 330d work good,,but on my 335d e92 they dont work,,i just drive like i used to when sensors didnt exist
  9. rasa

    MY new D.D

    coz they look s**te...you asked
  10. rasa

    MY new D.D

    i dont like heavy modded cars,,and less on a bmw..subtle little mods yes.
  11. when i had my exhaust dropped a couple of times,,was no bother at all,used same original bolts etc
  12. i had 255-35-18 tyres on 9j rear,,rubbed a little when loaded up or pushing it on corners.and speed humps..thats why i went 225-40-18 on jy e46...didnt really looked stretched,,but easy to curb ya lips..mine were polished lips on black rims so didnt notice it that much
  13. rasa

    MY new D.D

    yeh ive still got a soft spot for the e46 shape,,sold mine 2 months ago ish,,already own an e0 330d sport alongside the e46,,but ive now got a nice e92 335d to replace the e46...wish they would make new cars like a retro e46,,,
  14. what tyres though?and they look like they are sticking out to far,,have they got spacers also?
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