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  1. Just thought i would mention this if you are a Wheeler Dealers fan like myself Their recent restoration of an Honda S2000 is now on eBay! S20 KAA in Orange.
  2. Great choice! what are your plans?
  3. Also remove the full egr system and fit a decat front pipe Spend £3k on a decent one and the other £1k on bits
  4. 320Rob

    Key fob

    I don't work at BMW so i can't reprogram my key.. and i have already tried youtube etc. No luck! Again don't know how to get to the menu...... could it not be a module that's f**ked??
  5. 320Rob

    Key fob

    It is the original one? Could this be a sign of needing a change..
  6. This has happened before but now seems to happen every other week. When i went to unlock my car today nothing happened.. had to use key to unlock thus setting alarm off and getting everyone look at me :/ Now this time something is different.. all my preset radio stations have been wiped as well as the fob not opening the car. And for reader's information - it is a brand new fob to replace the 11 year old one which the battery failed on Any ideas? Am I looking at an hefty bill to have this sorted (it's going if someone says yes lol) Cheers
  7. Ebay or dealers for both up to you... i got my cupholders from Ocean BMW on eBay and the mats are from dealers
  8. Please delete thread... been 3 days since i posted all sorted. Thanks!!
  9. Hi all, I have bought a replacement bumper from RoKitt tuning on eBay which doesn't fit.... so I bought one from M Style (Auto Enhance) thus also does not fit properly... corners do not meet the bumper brackets they are miles out!! Anyone got any advice or had the same issue? With what I have spent so far I could have probably got an oem one. Cheers
  10. One post rant - Ordered new bumper.. does not fit properly.. F**K Sake!!! And central locking has packed up.. all hope is lost!
  11. Hi all, Using Tapatalk I have searched my title and got nothing but results for 330d's. So sorry in advance if this is a re-occuring thread. I recently sold my damaged MtechII front bumper to a nice chap from Cornwall who arrived in a great looking slammed Touring. However we got talking as you do and he pointed out that he was running a 330d turbo on a 320d M47N with a few modifications like exhaust etc.. it sounded great and went very well even though he was having boosting problems due to the map. As I didn't really pester and ask for all the details I would like to know how to go about doing this? And overall is it worth doing rather than having my 320d turbo recon/hybrid?? Thanks
  12. And also eBay egr pipes are decent.. mine was only 29.00 quid and is of good quality
  13. If you are thinking of doing an egr delete... remove the full system not just the valve (EU4, not sure about the other version) and then get the EM light turned off Check out the DIY from Suf [emoji4]
  14. Just watched Terminator, Judgement Day, Rise of the machines and Salvation need to see new one
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