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  1. Hi people was wondering if anyone could help, I was driving back from work yesterday morning and the coolant light came on for about 30sec then went off and never came back on. So when i got home gave it a few hours to cool down to check the coolant level. On doing so found that I’ve got oil in the coolant??? Was like wtf… checked the oil dip stick and thats clean no traces of water. So was wondering if anyone knew the cause of this? And if so what sort of price Am I looking at for sorting it out. OH IVE GOT AN E46 330D MSPORT TOURING if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance for any help and the ease my mind.
  2. Changed both front pads and discs, passanger side caliper and bearing.... drained all brake fluid and refilled along with bleeding the brakes, drives lovely jubly now.... thanks for the feed back guys
  3. Yer all seem ok when we 1st checked under the car.... didn’t think to check the brake calliper
  4. So couldn’t get it on the ramp to check underneath as garage was well busy... but what I did was jack up the passenger side front wheel just to have a look..... tried trying the wheel and..... it don’t move... ffs.... seems the calliper is seizing up... “great now gotta spend more money” and not had a look underneath as of yet!!!!
  5. Thanks I’ll get it to the garage after work n get it on the ramps at least I know what I’ll be looking at.. thanks again well update later on once I’ve had a look
  6. Hi people need some help as I can’t figure out what’s wrong with my car. Ok so I’ve got a 330d touring and the other day my Car started shaking while on motorway doing 50mph, thinking I’d got a flat tyre pulled over and checked over the car... nothing no flat tyres... so proceed to carry on and it didn’t do it for about 3mins then started again. Anyway took it to my garage to get it checked out ie under the Car bushes etc all fine, tracking was done along with wheel balancing... (front passenger side was of quite a bit) so thinking we’d sholved the issue I was delighted... Here it comes... So on way to work this morning driving fine after about 20mins of driving starts to shake again (but not as bad as previous) Got to work and I can smell something burning like brake pads that continuously touching (only from passenger side) But disc not burning hot. Any help would be much appreciated
  7. i wanted to take the roof rails off, just tried to and find out theres a bracket mounted to the roof and if removed theres no sliding covers!!!!!
  8. yes thanks for that. i found more like that ordered a pair for £20
  10. yer mine’s scraping over speed humps not matter which way I go over them.
  11. I’m not to sure either….. but to be honest the rear looks ok its just the front.. like its kissing the floor lol! what engine size do you have as i know that a key factor in lowering your car. I’ve still not had a chance to have a look what and how its been lowered I’m hoping its coilovers well save me so much hassle
  12. woooooooow just measured mine and its 310mm from centre of badge to the arch looks like I’m gonna have to raise it up i like low but thats just to much! thanks for your help @02Anders
  13. I’m yet to find out…. not had a chance to get the car up on lifts etc….. mines like .05cm from the arch maybe try measuring from centre of wheel (badge) to arch please
  14. Hiya guys Ok so after my non-fault accident with my 318 touring, i decided to buy myself a 330d touring. Don’t really have any issues with it…. The only thing is the ride height... its low like very low and Am not liking it. So the question is...... Does anyone know the average (standard) ride hight for the 330d m///sport? SORRY ABOUT THE PICS CANT SEEM TO ROTATE THEM!!!!
  15. sunnyd


    Ok, but as I said I only have one of those cans and mrs car is full so left with no choice but to leave the remaining petrol in there
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