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  1. I don't need these anymore, available on ebay currently:
  2. I don't need these anymore, they are available on ebay (note one wheel needs repairs):
  3. I don't need these anymore, these are available on ebay:
  4. Camshaft sensor replaced - car starts reliably now
  5. So, non starting issue is still there .... :( Quite intermittent, was an issue first thing in the morning, then fine for next few starts, then I almso got stuck at the local dump, then it was fine for the next few, then I almost got stuck at my brothers ... It''s sending me a message .....!
  6. So I've been trying to get to bottom of the non-starting issues ... after youtubing and googling it came down to possibly glow plugs & relay (these have been sh*t) since I've owned the car so I dismissed this, fuel pump failure (I was hoping it wasn't this), fuel filter (mine was really rusty and it turned out I hadn't replaced it since May 2014 - 30,000 miles ago), or the fuel filter fuse. After watching the youtube vidoes for the wrong type of 330d (later model I assume) I removed these fuses in the engine bay: and found they were all working. I then tested the real fuse in the glove compartment and that was fine. So I then tackled the fuel filter: I'm not sure if it has fixed the non-starting issue (it was intermittent) BUT the car is awesome(r) to drive again I got a little carried away un my tests:
  7. Grant's E46 Compact

  8. Grant's E46 Compact

    Wowsers, can you even drive that?
  9. Photo bucket p500 message

    Hahah - it's hilarious that the photobucket issue is overcome by a simple browser plugin!!!!! Love it!
  10. I wish it was that easy ... I was getting these problems for some time just never updated this thread at the time. I originally thought it was glow plugs or worse the gearbox, I asked John at motologic to have a look and let me know if it was the end for the car! That was back in November and we changed the battery then for a brand new one. This gave me short term hope that the car wasn't having any serious problems. Sadly, the issue came back here and there. I'm pretty sure the gearbox itself is ok and indeed it is something electrical but I'm just going to monitor it for now. As I only fitted the new HU a few days ago but had the problems since November, I have to think it's probably unrelated. I went back to Diamond Alloys today to get some bead seal applied to a leaky alloy, they repaired all the buckles last week and the car feels really good after that and does drive really well, so let's just see. In the meantime, I've decided to keep the car till it dies and enjoy it till then.
  11. Currently on Ebay: Happy to take acceptable offers from forum members
  12. 18s .... I'll be selling alloys + tyres most likely. We don't drive the car enough to justify them anymore I think
  13. @TriggerFish - change your sig link put your e30 pic on flickr or a.n.other ... ! Just had a thought, anyone want to buy a set of alloys with winter tyres? I'll draft an ad ....!
  14. One of the reasons I do want to keep the car is because it's the ideal way of trying out all these types of things on a car where if I bugger it up, who cares, it's an old ar anyway.
  15. Maybe give this a go: I think I will be doing this at some point: I