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  1. This any Good? https://advancedbatterysupplies.co.uk/product/019-type-extra-heavy-duty-advanced-xd-car-battery/
  2. I did a quick search here but couldn't see a thread so, as to the above title. I need a new battery and was hoping to be told what to get! Budget...I'm hoping around the £100 mark! only more if it's really really worth it. Thanks Neil
  3. N3il

    Radio reception

    I tried a cheap aftermarket booster ariel! Was crap lol Iv had a quick look about and i couldnt see any half decent boosted aftermarket options out there. Do i really want to buy a new oem booster thing for it to be no different...decisions decisions.
  4. Oh ok i understand, maybe you have a faulty new pdc? Might be worth taking it back for another on the off chance.
  5. Hi Paul I dont really understand what your saying as its been written in a very confusing way, however i recently changed the same pdc as yourself with a cheepo ebay one! And it didnt work properly so i bought a oem landrover pdc (there the same) and way cheeper than a bmw pdc and it work fine. Here is my thread on the matter Hope this is of some help
  6. Ok so fitted the above sensor and now all is working perfect
  7. Ok just purchased this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272272231040 will update once fitted
  8. Wow thanks for the info guys...will probably try the landrover ones next
  9. Ok so replace the other 3 which are clicking perfectly fine for new ones aswell.....dosnt make sense.....maybe the new one iv bought is also dodgy it was only a cheepo ebay one
  10. So had a dodgy sensor on the passenger rear, wasnt clicking like the rest! and was getting the usual 5 sec warning buzzer upon selecting reverse. Bought and replaced today and they new one is clicking away like the rest now.....but there still not working. However while playing around with the old and new sensor i managed to get them to work temporarily, what i did was disconnected the old sensor...and during the warning buzzer i plugged the new one in and they all worked for about 30 seconds and now nothing again. So im stumped on the bright side im not getting the warning buzzer anymore and i also tried disconnecting the battery to see if that would reset anything. Anyone else got any ideas?
  11. Update So seeing as you can just buy the satnav antenna cheaply....i decided to just cut off the end and wire it directly to the connection on the stereo holding it in place with some electrical tape! Works perfect too 👍
  12. Hi looks to be the same as what comes standard...
  13. So been getting a wiff of oil through the vents! So had a good look over the engine/gearbox and im thinking its the rocker cover gasket. Oil looks to be dripping down onto the top of the drivers side clutch housing then onto the exhaust. Im looking for a "How To" but comming up short can anyone help? Neil
  14. link http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/231459118209?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2648&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT So im having issues with this when the gps antenna is connected.....it stops it from being able to seat the head unit flush! So from looking around there are tons of threads on cutting up the heater box! But the connector is above the part that people have modified...so im wondering what is behind the part just below the vents? Cos i was contemplating melting the plastic and just pushing it in a centermeter or two where the connection wants to fit. iv got no photos to show where i mean exactly but its the part that sits directly behind the cd player part of the stereo...at the moment iv just disconnected the gps antenna so its sitting in properly.
  15. Hi thanks for the replys.... i agree about not worrying about losing 10mph cos your never up that high anyway, but! If it aint got the muscle to do that am I lacking power lower down too. Never been on the rollers but I do plan on getting her remapped at some point.
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