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  1. Hi. I'm after another E46 (I've already had 5). Must be in excellent condition let me know what you got thanks
  2. dont forget the car had new engine from BMW so around 60k on engine and lots of parts have been replaced /upgraded on suspension etc The turbo is not a major problem at the minute only happens occasionally when the car is not fully up to temp. Im thinking £3,500? This is a VERY nice example that's tight to drive and very powerfull!
  3. If I was you I would remove the inlet manifold and then all the vacuum pipes will be easy to access. You can then check every vacuum pipe for leaks. If you haven't already blanked the swirl flaps it's a good idea to do this the same time aswel as clean out the inlet and EGR valve. If you find a swirl flap blank guide it will have instructions about removing the inlet manifold. It's not a difficult job to do ?
  4. Thanks for feedback! Im unsure whether to put a new turbo on as this issue may put people off? I'm doing 300 miles a week and it's not a problem at the minute but the issue is there
  5. I know this is a difficult question as the answer is "what someone is prepared to pay", but looking for a rough price. Before I List the spec I need to point out that recently the electric actuator on the turbo has started to stick when the engine is cold. The fault does not happen 95% of the time but I would have to put this in the advert as I'm a honest person. Refurbed turbo is £350 (eBay) plus fitting. Second point is the the car has done 130k miles but it had a brand new engine at around 70k at BMW with the receipts to prove. So only around 60k on engine Spec: 53 plate Silver Grey BMW 320cd M Sport 2 previous owners (1 of them my brother) BMW service history until 110k BMW specialist after- Full history stacks of receipts 130k (60k on new engine) New LUK clutch and DMF (1000 miles ago) Excellent Condtion - Recent paintwork 19" Stlye 313 replica alloys (2 recent Kuhmo rear tyres) - Some kurbing / chips Ebiach Sportlines new rear sach shocks M3 Interior VGC M3 Mirrors immaculate Eonon D5150, upgraded speakers amped, v.subtle subwoofer Remap 197bhp with Printout Swirflap blanked, Vortex breather Angel eyes & HID's (1month old) New genuine BMW thermostats (1month old) Lots of bushes polibushed Full decat stainless twin tip custom exhaust with reciepts Good disks & pads all round with braided hoses Probably missed loads out but will update for the for sale ad. Very nice Condtion car. Lots more photos in my build thread.
  6. Looks like you are replacing a carbon filter with a standard one?
  7. First decide what you like the look of, LED Angel eyes or CCFL Angel eyes. Then decide whether you like the yellow look or more modern white like. I personally prefer CCFL as I find them bright enough to see in the day but a little more subtle than LED. Here is my CCFL with the indicator lense tinted on the inside of headlight
  8. To get the best finish and colour match I removed the seat and sprayed the whole seat. I left the seat in the garage overnight to dry. Small touch ups can be done using a make up applicator sponge and "colour wash" to blend in. If you google "Scuffmaster" you will find lots of guides and info.
  9. Will try and get a video for you.. The car is louder than standard but when we had the exhaust made we wanted it as close to standard sounding as possible, you can hear the turbo spooling up! The drivers seat has been thoroughly cleaned with Gliptone leather cleaner and resprayed with scuffmaster liquid leather. The rest of M3 interior was already in excellent condition! The M3 mirrors are manual folding but the electric adjust and heater functions work. It was my brothers car before mine so will find out for you if required?
  10. With my 320cd I bought a LUK dual mass and Clutch. On Eurocarparts the flywheel was £244 and clutch £157 minus the 15% discount with code Extra15 =£342.52 Plus £150 labour so not bad at all!
  11. Had the MOT done last week with no advisories which is always nice. The first garage I took it to couldn't MOT it as it was "too low" Had the airbag recall done at BMW this week and they commented how clean the car was. They done a "Free Health Check" and said the car needs nothing ? They also emailed me a video of the check which I thought was a nice touch https://video.citnow.com/vtYzlQmrbtt One of the hid packs went so bought a new set with AC ballasts. Took the headlight out and put the hid kit inside.. Can't stand cables on show!
  12. My brother made this mistake a year ago.. Got a new clutch fitted and the DMF was "ok".. A year later and the clutch and DMF are being changed.. Not worth the risk IMO.
  13. Blank the swirl flaps Twin Tip blackbox like the petrol models (thinks there's one for sale on the forum) Remap Ebiach Sportlines Nice set of 19's
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