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  1. Hi Nero, Yep it has or is drying up as the cars get older & owners move on.Its a shame but the threads on here will help you out with most stuff. How you getting on now with the wiper arm?? If i remember correctly i made it move say 10mm at a time backwards/forwards until it would revolve all the way but it took a long time to get the bugga out & clean the pivot shaft with wet n dry. I did this 5 years ago now so i make sure i use it regularly & the odd drop of WD or 3in1 must help.
  2. Hi Nero, Have patience with the rear wiper & wd you will get there as i did with mine. Sprayed it morning & night for 4 days until the weekend.eventually i slowly worked it free. Be careful not to hit it as you can break the glass! Sand the stem with wet n dry more lube/wd40 etc elbow grease. The other stuff...fuses/connections before actuators etc. Good luck mate.
  3. Looks a nice car mate, Rear arch to bumper edge is usually rusty but that looks good which may bode well for the rest of it?! Ask the seller to photo all panels,boot floor,sill edges for any rust all shut lines of panels too & a video maybe of it running too & prove everything works like parking sensors . Suck eggs n all that but they should understand if your travelling a distance to view it that you need all the info you can get because it doesnt have FSH. Have they no receipts at all during their ownership? Ive always found nice cars come from nice people lol. 635`s are now classics so hope he`s one anal owner lol. As you own a 330 then you know where to look. In this case i would take a look at MOT.GOV enter the reg to see its MOT history & mileage. If its been looked after then its owners would make sure its up for an MOT & should`nt have a list of advisories? Other than that its the usual checks when you see it. Looks nice & i think id travel to see it if the owner sounds ok?
  4. Thanks for reply R11CH, It hasn't done it since lol. Cold weather is coming so see if it re appears. My 330d is playing up weekly (fueling issue which man computer nor beast can bloody find)so I could do without the Ci bleeding me dry too. Sounds like I can ignore the shaking for a while when/if it returns. Here`s hoping lol
  5. Nothing on codes lol Sods law! Intake hoses are months old & ok. Maf is ok. 2 x 330`s & neither of the buggers will tell a computer whats wrong with them!!!!!!
  6. Hi Momo, Yeah sorry I should have worded it better! The vibration is only when its stationary at idle & the engine is cold mate. TBH I cant tell as its bad, but you have 6 when you rev it. I know its not drive line as it does it from start up stationary. It kind of clears on drive off (no spluttering)100yds to our junction but when stationary there the steering wheel vibrates car shakes etc again. When its out of the blue/cold section of the temp gauge it clears. There is a idle valve on these things so wondering if its that but its only when the engine is cold....so far lol Thanks for racking your brains!
  7. Hi Chaps, As title really.....Drove 100 miles with no probs then next morning.....Started up the old gal & it fired up as usual but then began to shake/Tremble/vibrate whatever you wanna call it lol. Sat there let it run but nowt changed. Took it out down the road 100 yds juddering through the steering wheel to the junction, still doing it. 500yds till next stop still doing it so still a cold engine. After 1 mile got to the next junction & temp gauge now at say 10/11 oclock she was fine. Ran ok all day.... then today started it up this morning & runs sweet as a nut! I know ive gotta get codes read but I like to go to the indy with half an idea so I know he aint full of BS with his diagnosis lol. Any ideas gents??
  8. IMHO ...330d manual touring would be my choice mate...every time LOL Have fun
  9. Hi mate, Ex caravan owner here & yes I got a load of abuse too but pound for pound if the weather is good...brilliant fun with the family! Towed my 4 berth with Audi A4 1.9TDi. Yes it broke its std springs! As long as you've been savvy by buying a van that's within the limits ie towing weights of the car you should be reasonably ok. Yes read the manual for your car to see if it recommends a gearbox oil cooler but I think that's a bit old school now. My e46 breaks springs if I fart so dont be surprised if the van does break the springs. If your new to towing a van then bear in mind the "nose weight" on the tow bar. You can buy scales for this I think?? Spread the weight through the van. i.e dont put it all at the front or all at the rear. The tail will wag the dog!!!!! A good hitch lock/stabiliser is a MUST! If the van is pretty new it should be fitted already. I really think this question should be on Practical Caravans (do they only drive Volvo`s?)site or similar though? I did once see a geezer with a e46 325i Vert towing a 4 berth & IMO it needed stronger springs!!!! Have fun!
  10. Got the codes read this morning & while we were at it went through the whole car systems & found 2 of my new/re con injectors actually need to be binned! So at least this repair will be free!!!!!!! Would this be enough though to make the car shut down??? Any thoughts?
  11. Question Chaps, The car (03 330d manual) has cut out on me again today. Fuel related & pretty sure as it dies gradually its not electrical? Ive just been on the ECP website as I think I may have to change the tank fuel pump. The photo shows the pump is/looks like its also the sender unit or just the sender unit? Says its the pump.Now my gauge always looks about right for the amount of fuel I put in but the Digi read out for miles per fuel has been wrong lately. Ive owned it 10 years & done 180,000 miles in it so I know it pretty well. When I put £50 in with say 40miles left in the tank she used to read nearly 500miles. Today it was 386. I drove 220 yet it now says I have 282miles left to go. It used to be pretty close to miles driven. My question is does this pump link up to the digital read out as well? Or does it go to the brain which tells the read out the figures or I presume both but find it weird the readings have been wrong lately yet the gauge appears normal. Also its mpg read out seems off & ive never seen 35mpg on a motorway outta this car. Tank to trip read out miles are about right just the mpg read out puzzles me. Its doing mid /high 40`s at least. I can still get 580+ out of a tank. So far ive changed the fuel filter more times than the missis changes her mind. The pump under the seat floor. The Injectors all came up as NFG so I dug deep & changed them. Today the damn thing cut out again. Only part left is the tank pump(unless you know of others???). Im getting the codes read again tomorrow but that has failed to pinpoint the problem or even show one for the last 2 years! Any ideas chaps??? Hope this kinda makes sense to someone lol.
  12. I have a 05 330Ci & its the same as yours & I agree with lozevans
  13. As Daz said...Powerflex every time. Fitted them to both of mine & both cars (330Ci & 330d) just "feel" better, sharper even. They dont change the ride at all.
  14. Mine wont fully open using the remote lol It gets 50% there then the rear hatch cover try`s to close before the roof is stowed fully away lol....panickkkk Red light flashes & after a few trys the roof finally behaves using the switches(not remote).
  15. 330Ci M-sport Vert...Fitted rear springs & shocks front pads & roll bar bushes. Genuine rear springs dont seem to last as im on my 3rd set in 30,000 miles & 4.5 years which makes me unlucky in my book lol . When you guys fit these Eibach springs or similar do they last or do those buggers break as well?? My 330d SE Touring is now on 245,000 & only on its second set. The last time one broke though it snapped in the middle not the bottom & cor blimey did it go BANG!!! LOL. Ive done 180,000miles in it. Is it just the m-sports that suffer?
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