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  1. id pop down to your local mot tester and ask them, but i think the answer will be unless it was released into production that way (like some of the early lotus 7's for example) you need to leave as is..
  2. ooo that is beautiful..... and in this instance i really do mean the car ..
  3. As previous post, only option is to flat with fine wet grit/paper, then polish back up. ive done this loads and you don't need to be s professional just be careful.
  4. yep just checked, 4 seater also.. Even the M235i is only 4 seats
  5. really? Thought they were 4 also? mmmm i'll check that out....
  6. I do miss my e46, in 12 months or maybe before I'll be in the market to lease a new 3 series, I desperately want a coupe but I must have 5 seats, what are my options now with bm?
  7. You have any fault codes? I had similar which suggested incorrect mixture (made ref to O2 sensor limits) before racing into changing sensors I checked intake boots and top one was well split. Errors and rough idle now gone, so this was causing issues with extra unmetered air sucking in.
  8. I have used my Peake reader on my previous e39's and now my e46, works great. If you pass by shrops any time I'd be happy to read it for ya. Jay.
  9. Great question.... Apart from the usual - how many miles etc etc, I have always found diesel ownership more expensive from a parts point of view and dare I say more problematic too..but maybe this is my poor luck. (pumps/dpf etc etc) But ignoring all that I prefer petrol due to one simple factor - I prefer the sound ! That sounds really lame, but I HATE the diesel tick over but LOVE the tuned note of a tight petrol engine blipping....Like I said yes its lame but the last time I heard there was no such term as Diesel Head ?? For the record I'm not bothered with fuel mpg (only 150 miles per week) but more bothered about how the drive sounds and feels on the road...
  10. mlouie - thanks for the reply - so these are for the msport model, so are you saying that msport wishbones are ok for an SE (but they are stronger??)
  11. Welcome Ben, Only just bought my first one too (well few weeks now), must admit I knew mine would need a lot of work and it has but the good news is I have found all parts to date really reasonable cost and the car seems very easy to work on..so don't worry, but like the guys say read the prev maintenance section for some guidance.. J
  12. Hey Folks, Just to make sure I don't buy the wrong ones, which front wishbones do I need? Real oem states sport and none... The reason for the confusion is that I'm sure I read somewhere that all 300's "SE or Sport" all have sport suspension as they are the 330...maybe I dreamt it, not sure BUT if that's the case do I need sport front wishbones for my 330ci se?? Reason for change = major play in lower joint, I am assuming other joints will be equally as poor so may as well change all... Jamie
  13. Your interior looks mint, don't suppose your now selling your front seats? I'm after some sports fronts...
  14. Ahhh folks the small red LEDs! Right so it looks like I need some wireless headphones. Are they all typically using the same frequency, I mean does it matter what type I buy?
  15. Greg - so there are aux inputs in the none widescreen HU ?
  16. Hi Rich - yeah I realise its none oem, was kinda hoping for "typically" how/where the dvd would be wired to enable sound through the cars system... Its no big deal just yet, worse case i'll have to start ripping out carpets and panels to trace wires..
  17. Hi Folks, So I've only had the car a couple of weeks now and have plenty of priority tasks to complete....But we all have the minor tasks that are a "nice to have fixed" and this is one of them. The car I bought came with : - front satnav screen (none widescreen) - rear multi cd - rear dvd nav (now removed due to parasitic battery drain) - screens in both headrests - Veba dvd player in cubby box next to steering wheel So the kids are hassling me to get the screens working. After fiddling with the S video cabling in the screens I got a picture from the dvd player but no sound at all. Now I assume the sound will be fed directly into the cars speaker system but how/where is this done? What is confusing me is that there isn't any aux options on the nav screen to even select another source and mode selects only tape/cd or radio... I'm really not into ICE so this is a little alien to me, so any advice on where to kick off investigations appreciated.. Jay.
  18. Its been a busy weekend: - Fitted new aux belts - Fitted new battery - Fixed parasitic battery drain (got rid of dvd sat nav) - Fitted new thermostat - Fitted new rear shoes and handbrake now WORKS! All helped by the awesome guides on here (been a lurker for a few weeks) -
  19. +another for Tardis, awesome product!
  20. Hi Folks, My name is Jamie, I'm 37 married with x4 boys and I'm new to the E46. Current daily drive is a Golf Gt Tdi (170) but after this weekend It'll be gone so I can use my latest purchase which is a 2001 330ci se (which needs a little tidying but was a great buy).. I LOVE cars and love tinkering....I'm not by any means as knowledgeable as most of you good folk on here but will lend my hand to as much as I can... I do have a problem with buying cars in so much as I get bored quickly and buy my next motor... Thought I'd share some pics of my last few motors (last 3-4 years) - nothing special but I loved them... B5 S4: Loved it, it was mint also.....BUT maintenance on those bi's scared the sh*t out of me, so it went.... http://www.e46zone.com/forum/gallery/image/4652-audi-s4/ E39 330D: Loved this also, it was a right shed when I bought it, spent loads on tidying up (paint/wheels etc etc), turned out to be a lovely car... http://www.e46zone.com/forum/gallery/image/4653-e39-330d/ MK1 Golf Cab: Awesome, still have this.. http://www.e46zone.com/forum/gallery/image/4654-mk1-golf-cab/ Volvo V70 - ssshhh don't tell - no pics - had a panic and thought I needed a family car... Jaguar S type 3.0: One of THE best ever cars I have owned (167k on clock and kept going), honestly...sooo nice to drive, but NOT spirited! http://www.e46zone.com/forum/gallery/image/4658-jag-s-type/ Golf GT TDi (170) : bit of anti climax must say, and only bought because of distance travelling due to new job but NOW I get the train.! (hence the urge to go back to petrol) http://www.e46zone.com/forum/gallery/image/4655-mk5-gt-tdi/ SO finally folks my new mode of transport: 330ci se - bit rough around the edges, but will soon have her spic and span.. http://www.e46zone.com/forum/gallery/image/4656-e46-330ci-se/ http://www.e46zone.com/forum/gallery/image/4657-e46-330ci-se-pic2/ Hope you all don't mind the pics....looking forward to chats and rants.... Jay.
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