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  1. I can't do 16th but if we going to stick to the same day each month sure we will all mate it at somepoint :-)
  2. 2002 320d brought 201000 and now 204000, drives lovely,pulls very well and just straight through another mot. I am 3rd owner and full history.
  3. Mot passed.. I had a road trip to north Holland and back then straight in for mot so that run would have helped emmisions. Was at bruntingthorpr proving ground today working but give the derv a blast as I left... Just touched 129mph :-)
  4. Got a date? Next Wednesday I could maybe do but following one I working away.
  5. Been away working, still got a pair if rear drop links to fit then will book it in. Hope all will be ok...
  6. Need a location then? Billing mill near billing aquadrome used to be a good meeting spot.
  7. Parts have arrived so need time to fit now then going to book in for an early mot... Anyone got LED interior lights?
  8. I on the boarder of beds and Northants so I would show my face..
  9. Yes just looked and going to order now :-) going for the branded ones. Lemforber ones ordered and a couple drive belts.
  10. Yes just looked and going to order now :-) going for the branded ones.
  11. Gonna just go fir the cable shack one . Will check before I order.
  12. That's great advice mate.. thank you. I will have a look at the link and go cable shack if they seem to be the one to have. Do i need the round plug adapter too? Mine's 02 320d touring.
  13. So bmcables.com now becomes bcables.com so those are identical cables/company so feadback on those against cable shack would be helpful if anybody can help?
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