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  1. On Sunday starts at 10.30 itv 4 we love watching this.
  2. We watched World War Z last week and then The Purge over the weekend both really great films.
  3. Maybe go black ? Black works well on silver cars .
  4. We love them we have always been fans of window tints and it also helps the kids in the back with sun glare.
  5. Well we had them done today and it looks great will post pics soon.
  6. Ha ha!! When you haters seen them done you will change your minds
  7. We love our motors with tints very cool. And where's the smilies on here?
  8. Could someone photoshop some wheels on our bmw? Cheers.
  9. Same as ours change your thermostat that will sort it .
  10. Yay!! All sorted everyone we bought a new cable from Bmw (ouch) and all put back together today. All we need now is another door lock as the repair kit didn't work the lock is knackered.
  11. We love this!! High light of our Wednesday night rubbish on tv. And in true Richard fashion "woooooooooooooooooooooooow" lol
  12. Yeah we were thinking about taking the other door card off and having a look. Cheers for the help folks really appreciate it. There is a very similar part for the window but no where for this part to fix too :s
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