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  1. Sent mine to ECU doctor as mine was not holding adaptions. Had no probs. Sent from my LG-D802 using Tapatalk
  2. Have u read the fault codes yet. Its the only way to see what the problem is. The lights could mean quite a few things so get them read and let us no what they were. Sent from my LG-D802 using Tapatalk
  3. Try some of the bmw breakers ie CC automotive in Armagh,railway autospares ballynahinch. Google Bmw breakers for the rest. Sent from my LG-D802 using Tapatalk
  4. I have a black 330i sport saloon 4 door complete std. 12 years old but is looking very good no rust on arches and looks good I think but I am in northern Ireland. Lol
  5. Dam then why is mine rubbing? I am thinking of changing them because if the rubbing. My drivers side rear does sit lower than the passenger side but that seems to be the norm for a lot e46's but my tyre us right out to the lip. I am baffled. Lol
  6. I'm pretty sure I have the exact same on ny e46 saloon and my rears do rub on the arch if a couple of people are in the back and even if I hit a bit of a bump at speed with no-one in the back. I have no spacers and they fill the arch to the full. Fronts are fine but rears not. The offset and concave of the rears is high. I will double check mine. They do look well mind you and fill both arches well.
  7. UPDATE. Bloody same codes back again!!!!! This is doing my head in and pocket. Now thinking engine electric harness? Really lost now.
  8. UPDATE. Brand new throttle body fitted and all seems good so far. Just unlucky with the two secondhand ones. One lastedv5 months and second only 2 days. At least if these codes come up again i no its the throttle body.
  9. No worries. Best thing is just to hose it around that area then check if water comes in. If not then hose the window area and c if water is lying on the plastic sill part if it is then prob your vapour barrier. Let us now.
  10. Have u had the door card off at any time? Mine leaked in due to the vapour barrier being torn when window regulator was replaced. Is the carpet wet in the footwell?
  11. Cheers but I am baffeled now its just threw up the same codes in inpa. Code 115, 160 and 161. Dont no what to do now. This is my second throttle body now so any ideas. Electric engine harness leading to throttle?
  12. When using inpa do i goto adaptions then throttle adaption and reset? Then what? Engine off while doing this. Sorry about questions but i am new to using inpa.
  13. Ok thanks. Do u reset while engine of and at 2nd key position? Is that all i do.
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