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  1. Oooh this is nice. Off the top of my head I would put it up for £5k to allow for movement in the price. It's clearly a well looked after car, and the mods are very tasteful.
  2. Okay I didn't know that! Thanks guys. Via Mobile Telecommunications Device
  3. Just to add to the questions on this topic, where does the pink rear view camera trigger wire plug into? I've got my camera all hooked up and working on Car Record, but how do I trigger the camera to come on screen automatically when I go into reverse? Also, has anyone else had issues with a very faint whining interference from the front speakers? Thanks
  4. What does that mean... Not repairable/replaceable?
  5. Hi guys, I've searched the forum and couldn't find a clear answer. Where is the door open sensor on my E46 Coupe? When I open the drivers door it doesn't sense that the door is open, so it doesn't pop up on the dash, the interior lights don't come on and the glass doesn't auto drop so I can't close it. Where is the sensor and is it a fairly straight forward DIY to change? Also, I get a lot of wind noise coming from the drivers and passengers windows. Generally where is the most common places of adjustment to ensure a more airtight seal? Thanks guys Naj
  6. Wiring an amp is pretty simple. There are various ways of doing it and everyone likes their preferred method. For me, I tap into the factory wiring. The power for the amp is direct from the battery, the remote is using the remote from your Sony headunit and the signal is from the RCA's from your headunit to your amp - easy peasy. For wiring the speaker terminals to the front speakers.. Here's what I've done - Get yourself a spare aftermarket headunit wiring loom, workout which 4 wires are for the front speakers = FL+ FL- FR+ FR- Cut the wires and spring back the wire thats heading back through the loom and towards the speakers and solder and heatshrink on your speaker cable - carefully marking which is which. Then run the speaker wires back through the car and attach them to the amp speaker terminals = done! For the rears take out the side panels in the boot and wire them directly to the amp bypassing the factory wiring completely.
  7. I can't find any other car (Except another E46 but a 6pot) that I can afford that I prefer over my E46. So I'll be keeping mine till it dies... or till I can afford something more desirable! Saying that.. I don't get to drive mine as much as I'd like to. I drive a van to work daily, so the BMW sits on the drive most of the week anyway.. but this isn't out of choice, I don't think my 46 is special enough to be a 'weekend' car. It's only my weekend car because its my only car lol
  8. Hey guys. I'm in need of some new droplinks. I bought these about 18 months ago along with my JOM coilovers - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Shortened-Drop-Links-Pair-BMW-E46-3-Series-all-models-/230367700486?hash=item35a2fc2606:m:mnhj303j-bqyjRjOLBNwYhw While my car was at my mechanics getting the prop centre bearing done he did say I should change the front droplinks as one side has apparently snapped off! I no longer drive the car every day and I haven't had a chance to look at it yet. So I'm looking at new droplinks.. The hyundai coupe ones - http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Hyundai_Coupe_2.0_2005/p/car-parts/suspension-and-steering/suspension/anti-roll-bar-components/?632850045&1&3f2e3645a11e43fc3f7436aecf0ae607ec87bdf5&000016 Will be about £36 But then I saw these - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-3-Series-E46-JOM-Tuning-Shortened-Front-Drop-Links-740228-/291381871988?hash=item43d7b68574:g:rIUAAOSwMmBVzxpX JOM Drop links...?? Which ones would you get..? Have you got..? Thanks guys
  9. I'd go silver! I'd also look around when buying to choose a set with more aggressive offsets Via Mobile Telecommunications Device
  10. My wheels in such a bad state... Need to get mine done ASAP! What's their quickest turn around I wonder? Via Mobile Telecommunications Device
  11. Naj

    Gear knobs

    Hahahaha Okay awesome. Thanks for the response guys, I get the idea. I might get the standard one for £27 or whatever it is. Having looked at more OEM pics that original link I posted was a ludicrous idea. lol Via Mobile Telecommunications Device
  12. If you want a meatier set up you're better off buying new wider wheels. I know mine isn't hugely meaty.. But imagine that with wider rubber! That's on 225/35! Via Mobile Telecommunications Device
  13. Naj

    Gear knobs

    Hey guys. I've read about the preferred gear knobs and now they make a difference to the drive and the feel. But I'm reluctant to spend £70 on a clubsport one and £90 on a stormwerks one. Has anyone had any experience with these? http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/361209095812 The only thing I don't like about it is the massage ///M logo. But my existing one has pealing back leather and all sorts and I need to change it. Along with my steering wheel which is in a crappy state too lol If the above link isn't to a good product.. Can anyone give me suggestions for around the same money.. I can justify up to £30~ for a nice new gear knob. Cheers guys Via Mobile Telecommunications Device
  14. The 255 bulges out enough.. Why do you want such a wide tire? Via Mobile Telecommunications Device
  15. Naj, I've had your post saved in my browser for a few weeks as I found it very useful for future reference - i plan to order the Erisin shortly. What was your final thought on the sound quality over the Business head unit? I have standard speakers for now but would possibly upgrade to Rainbows if necessary. Also, I'm not sure I would be fitting an amp. Thanks in advance! I'm afraid I can't give you an accurate answer to that. I had the business radio for the matter of days and then went to a mid range Pioneer deck... Then amped the standard speakers... Then changed the front speakers Altogether. It was at that point when I fitted the Erisin unit, in comparison to the Pioneer the sound quality of the Erisin had no legs to stand on - but we all know this, Dennis has told us this enough lol However for some odd reason (with no weight to my statement) I can't imagine the Business radio with the same set up keep up with the quality of the Erisin. Hope this helps. By the way, I never added to that thread, but nearly 6-7months on, I still have no regrets about buying this Headunit and I still recommend it to everyone. (Unless you're chasing serious SQ.) Via Mobile Telecommunications Device
  16. http://www.e46zone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/59037-Am-I-buying-the-latest-Eonon-5150%3F Last page. Via Mobile Telecommunications Device
  17. As above. This topic has been discussed plenty of times. Might be worth finding the post I made earlier this year.. Which is followed by a 3-4 month update after I got the unit to showcase what I thought of it. Everything has been good and decent for me.. Except the audio quality. More details in my post.. I'll try and find it and post a link Via Mobile Telecommunications Device
  18. I've been running 10J rears for over a year now. Granted I have stretched tires and a bit of negative camber. 225/35/18 18x10J ET20 (After 15mm spacers) and negative camber - This is probably a little too aggressive, I'm going back to 225/40/18's tomorrow 225/40/18 18x10J ET35 - with only natural negative camber.
  19. I was comparing decent halogens like Osram Nightbreakers and cheap and nasty HID's Via Mobile Telecommunications Device
  20. Not sure I agree with that. The HID kits on eBay are all the same, all made in china in the same boxes. I fitted a set of cheapo ones to my EP3 Civic Type R and they were much better than the standard OEM halogen lights. The car did have projector headlights though (like all cars fitted with OEM Xenons) which I think is what makes the difference in terms of how effective aftermarket HID's are. There's a massive difference between OEM Halogens and "good" halogens. (In my opinion of course) Also to add to my previous post, I find some people assume a white or a blue light is "brighter" than a "yellow" or halogen light. This common misconception is (again, my opinion) the reason why everyone raves about HID's yada yada. In all reality, even Im considering to buy 2 new pairs of HID's with 4.3k bulbs as opposed to 6k to squeeze out every last Lumen for this winter nights we have ahead of us Via Mobile Telecommunications Device
  21. As others have said. You get what you pay for. I've got quad bixenons now, got a pair of decent HID's with decent projectors and got a pair of eBay HID's with eBay cheapy projectors.. The difference between those alone is drastic! Even though I spent £110 on my decent HID's.. OEM HID's are marginally better. That's also reflected in the price of the OEMs vs the Morimotos. That's why it makes me laugh when people replace good OEM Xenon bulbs or good halogen lamps.. For eBay special £20 HID's and then complain that they're not good lol Via Mobile Telecommunications Device
  22. Interesting read. I love your signature!
  23. Guys, if I use shims on the bottom legs of the projector dome, will that actually move my alignment? I was under the impression that the silver bolt, and the cut off line/flap controlled the height of the beam, and the dome only did the spread of the beam? It's still worth a try, but I'm just trying to work it out in my head I don't plan on going back to Halogen bulbs, I can't anyway as I've sprayed the bowls matte black lol. I get what you're saying.. then use the lock ring to lock it into place? That's quite a lot of butchering, and if it goes wrong I can't have the projector in there lol
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