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  1. Could be a 'ground' problem.
  2. Check your battery ground connection.
  3. Don't let them ground out, they may be still connected to the head unit, maybe used for a bass bin or fed from a cd multichanger.
  4. The car won't attempt to start if the battery is below 10v ? Stick a metre on it see what you get.
  5. Your mpg is not really that bad, I changed my vanos seals (very messy) but did notice the extra punch in 2nd! 80k vanos seals can go and this will affect mpg, the camshaft variable valve timing will not be working efficiency, the oil will be passing the seals and in turn not adjusting the cam, you will loose power and mpg. I did mine and I could see the how the seals act like a kind of rubber piston ring inside the vanos unit, bought a set off ebay £25. http://www.beisansystems.com/ read all this, then you will know as much as I do.
  6. These is youtube vid to confirm if yours is working, I removed mine took it apart and all seemed good, you put your thumb over a hole and the vacuum holds should be good to go, unless you have wear with cam and gearing etc.
  7. Is there a sensor in the boot confirming is shut, this is a complete guess, but people have had probs with bonnet closed sensors.
  8. If you change the tank, get a genuine beemer part (£120) the cheap ebay ones can go bang sooner than you want, These cars can be a pig to bleed out, so I imagine the heater matrix was set to hot when bled and if so you are getting good heat out of it, my car drinks a lot when driven hard, although mine was pressure tested I'm sure its the gasket going slowly, I can't see any leaks.
  9. Propshaft coupling ? (big rubber bung thing that takes a real pounding, a kind of rubber shock absorber between the end of the prop and the diff, mines be going clonking for years, it could also be the diff mounts as well.
  10. I had the this light come on and it went away, I think there is a youtube video of how to change the sensor, they can get upset or even fail, these senors are for ABS and the trick braking system DSC. If your brakes feel ok then, as above check your codes, but I suspect the next time your drive in the rain or go through a big puddle it will not come on any more. This light is the middle dash light, not the far right 'brake pad wear' warning light.
  11. Maybe also be a broken coil spring.
  12. Hello, 115k 325i e46 m sport About a 18 months I had a failed expansion tank, and had to drive home with no coolant, when I was not able to coast, engine off, the needle went into the red,as it would. I had the tank replaced and later found my radiator fan had failed, also replaced. The car was pressured tested at the time and all was ok, (I was surprised too) the coolant level has been good until now. It seems to go through half a pint or more when used on the motorway, the next day I get the little light on the dash. Most of my driving is around town in traffic and the car car gets as easy life, and coolant level seems ok. There are no apparent leaks, so if my gasket is going, how long have I got ? I presume harder driving with water pump pushing up the pressure is losing the coolant quicker. I know I need another pressure test, but will I get another six months of topping up if its only a tiny split in the gasket. The only thing I have not ruled out is a head or block crack, which would dry up very quickly so harder to spot.
  13. You may have this fixed now, but if you have left the car not used for a while, it can take a while to crank over, you might even leave the battery off for a while, if its cold, it might the temp sensor.
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