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  1. i have just had my 330 vert fixed only this week with an intermitant air leak that was just driving me mad to the point where i had actually gone looking at part ex'ing for a 350z as i had a 300zx and a supra before and loved them but in the end i took the bm to a specialist and 400quid later its now back to being the pleasure it was so all my trawling through 350z stuff was all for naught but theres some absolute bargain 350's out there for the taking.........will maybe look at a 370z very late next year by which time they will be around the price of a pristine late 350z price now
  2. im after just the front bank exhaust manifold with cat doesnt matter if it doesnt have the o2 sensors as long as the exhause itself is in good working order with no cracksmail me your price please
  3. have you checked your brakes for heat after you have had the juddering its the easiest way to know if its just the caliper sticking as they generate a ton of heat if it is the caliper.....
  4. why dont you to sub up to it its delivered to your door 1/2 days before its even in the shops. your car does look good in it but this months mag has a lot of top notch cars to boot
  5. yep i said when we had the nw meet yours was a nice clean car and that still holds true
  6. and ill buy the harmon kardon front speaker inserts if they go up for sale
  7. i kept buying ebay ones only to find every time it wasnt the vert boot badge as advertised always the larger non vert one in the end i went to main dealers and got one but it cost 23 quid
  8. my pipes were done for my last one the guy said its daft how the pipes are done in the way they are by bmw knowing that they corrode like they do
  9. tooley

    Burned E46

    is it wrong that my first thought was to think oohhh led rear lights I wonder what he would take for them.............that's defo a hater incident
  10. i just have the matt black ones on mine and thats topaz but i have to say i kinda like the carbon ones are they facelift as mine is pre-facelift
  11. hi matt plenty of local ish lads on here to you in Manchester I work right in the city centre myself welcome anyway
  12. mine too the number of times ive got off from the lights and quick changed up into 5th instead of 3rd isnt even funny
  13. lets face it unless you are on a track in either of them then neither is going to be pushed anywhere near its limits without you losing it
  14. thank you so much for that andy i was beginning to fret about smaller size on the rears being too much of a stretch but yours dont look too stretched at all i dont think im gonna need my 15mm spacers on the rear though
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