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  1. Hey Don B, Where did you purchase your Eisenmann? Did you go for the sport or race sound? Thanks,
  2. Thanks a lot dude - I love them but a little paranoid of kerbs :2guns:
  3. Hey guys, Thanks for the help a couple of weeks back on tyre sizes etc. I got them all fitted up with some Goodyear Eagle F1s (all sizes and pics in the link below). I seriously need to blast down those calipers and get some paint on them, hope do to that soon (next couple of weeks) and as mentioned on some exhaust threads, seriously need to change that exhaust too, looks awful at the moment. How do you think the way she is sitting, I didn't want to lower it at first, it looks OK but I'm thinking dropped slightly, she'd look sexy, your thoughts? Anyway hope you enjoy the pics (I find pics don't do her full justice, much nicer in the flesh): http://www.e46zone.com/forum/topic/540-members-wheels/?p=795117 :punk: :2guns: :thumbsup:
  4. OK I reached my limit on previous post but here is the rest of them... :2guns:
  5. The Year Of The Car - 2005 (1st December 2005) Model Of The Car - 325 Ci M Sport Auto Offset's Front and Rear - Fronts: ET35 Rears: ET45 Rim width - Fronts: 8.5J Rears: 9.5J Profile - Fronts: 235/35/19 Rears: 265/30/19 on Goodyear Eagle F1s Archwork required (rolled or pulled) - None Size Of The Alloy - 19" Model Of Alloy - VMR V710s Gun Metal I've tried to upload more and even paid for subscription to attempt files bigger than 194kb but couldn't - apologies, best I can do
  6. This is the US website: http://www.highlinetuning.com/bmw/e46/catback-exhaust-system/ I emailed them for a shipping quote, they're saying $200 for shipping, plus the exhaust itself - $699, total = $899 which is £535.125 but I can imagine import duties with be a b***t , excuse the French!!!
  7. Thanks a lot for posting those, that's just what I wanted to get a better idea! Not sure if I like the tail pipe design that much. I would love to find something like this for a similiar price range (the is the exact design I want): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkRKhfi6nK4#t=27 Does anyone know where I can get this Highline Tuning Exhaust in the UK? Many thanks
  8. Thanks mate, don't worry if the exhaust isn't fitted, I just want to get an idea of the tailpipe, I'm pretty much set on this system now but not going to place the order until I have a good idea of how it looks. Thanks a bunch
  9. Went on the Magnex website and only one pic of whole exhaust from an angle, no close up of the tailpipe which is what I really need to see before ordering. Frustratingly I'm struggling to find any decent pics on Google images too...Helllpppppppp :cry:
  10. Was supposed to be doing but didn't get chance. It's on the cards for next weekend now. Any chance you can send some pics of the tailpipe end please mate? Cheers
  11. Hi BlueCS, How did you get on with your Magnex Cat-back? Have you fitted it yet? Has anybody else got any suggestions? Many thanks
  12. I've found this link but there are no images... http://www.larkspeed.com/index.pl?p=5XSBM01&a=i
  13. Or something like this too would be awesome: http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=600950
  14. I was wondering if anyone could suggest any decent exhaust back boxes for an E46 325 Ci M Sport? I've looked at Scorpion but not too keen on the tip design, I'm looking for something like this but more within the £300-£400 budget: http://www.ca-int.co.uk/products-Y2FyX21ha2U9Ym13JmNhcl90eXBlPWU0NiZjYXRfaWQ9MiZjb21wX2lkPTE2.html I look forward to some good suggestions.
  15. Thanks mate - you're a star! A mate of mine has just suggested the same, he's saying Fronts: 235/35/19 & Rears: 265/30/19. Thanks again :thumbup: :cheers:
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