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  1. If it's cracked I'm not too worried, I'll be adding reinforcement plates down the line, but yeah if it's too fair gone, it'll be a shame
  2. Hello, I've just picked up my first E46 325Ci, replacing Audi 80 Coupe, it was an impulse buy and only paid £600, I'm yet to know if I've bought a bad one. I knew the guy who own it previously and he wasn't scared of giving her a hard time, I bought this knowing he has occasionally drifted this in carparks etc! As I have mechanical sympathy, before I'll drive it I've decided to redo some of the underneath buy replacing the following: - Replace the rear Subframe bushes with Powerflex Black series - Replace the diff bushes with Powerflex Black Series - Replace both Control arms with Meyles - Seal the underside of the car to protect for another 17 years! This was an impulse buy so I didn't do any research (silly me), I came across the rear subframe mounting point issue, from what I've read I'm sure this will have it due to being a 2001 the abusive stage of it's life, but I'm hoping not, will adding harder bushes hinder this cracking likely hood? Also I'm rather fond of the interior combination, are there any recommended places near Oxford/Swindon that can restore the suede? Many Thanks, Ben
  3. Hello, So today I purchased a 2003 325 Ci M-Sport! and will receive it sometime next week! It's at 80k on the clock, I'm just wondering what should I expect to fail or wear soon? Is there any tips you guys recommend to keep it in top condition ? I'm only an apprentice so money will be tight if something goes bang! Is there any reliable after-market companies producing the same quality parts as standard bimmer parts? Many Thanks, Ben
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