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  1. Sorry bit off topic but how long does it take for stickers to be sent out as i ordered some last week and they still haven't came?? there the E46zone one's by the way
  2. And what car park are we meeting in by the way? Dicko333 Ollie (friend of ^^^) Russ (friend of ^^^) Todd1983 dontpannic (Nick) Sean85
  3. I'm in for the 13th then i would say about 8pm meet??
  4. If not put up the dates people are free and will take it from there
  5. Yea 13th is good with me.
  6. For me it would have to be end off next month for me i could do the 13th, 20th or the 27th.
  7. I will leave that side off it to Todd1983 as he started the thread but i would say bluewater would be best bet one saturday evening its good in there too if you want to get some pics.
  8. Yea that would be a good start lol
  9. We should do a meet up at bluewater one night.
  10. I'm up for a meet live in bexley
  11. Hi guys could anyone help me and tell me there is anywhere in the UK that i can buy a lightwheel flywheel from?? Any info would be great and its for a 323ci 99 model. Thanks in advance.
  12. Absolutely understand where you are coming from but have you thought about a very small finance package with the trader you find that has a 330 to pay the little extra you need? Lots cheaper in the mid to long run. If you weren't bothered that you have less power for the same economy then jobs a good un (like my pa and his 325ci) but you are as you want to get a 330. Just trying to suggest another option as I dont like wasted money. I wish i could do finance but thats a problem too due to being a dickhead with money a few years ago never mind i'm happy too get a 320 or anything that fits my price range so think i will keep looking and hopefully find something nice soon, thanks for the advice tho.
  13. Yea but the 330 are costing anything from £3000 upwards and i just dont have the money for one plus i will not be selling the 528i will be giving it to a family member that needs a car at the minute, otherwise i would much rather go for a 330 but its the cost and where i can buy one from (trader/garage that takes credit card payment).
  14. Thanks for the replys from everyone i have been to look and drive a 323i and it was not bad i'm going to look at to 320i and a 320d on the weekend so i will see what i think then, the budget i have is £2500 and the problem i've got is that i have to buy it from a trader that takes credit cards as that is where the money is coming from so it limts me to what i can get really. Think the 330 would not be right for me at the minute due to lack of funds but i would like to get one at a later date, is there any think that i should look out for when buy a 320 apart from the rear subframe? Cheers sean.
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