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  1. I see this going over hawley hill crossroads on saturday
  2. That would be me, silver coupe with gun metal grey alloys and csl boot lid?
  3. We need to get this farnborough meet going! I know of 3 other E46s (Arent on here) that would be up for it!
  4. http://www.turnermotorsport.com/p-1359-afe-intake-kit-e46-325ici-m56-330ici-all-stage-1-pro5r.aspx Not a bad deal for what you get. compared to other websites Anyone rate aFe intakes or not?
  5. Nice mate. Has it got Harmon and Kardon speakers?
  6. The best part about a project is having the car the way you want it. Not to order parts just to please everyone else haha I'd love to make it a full rep but it will happen in time it isn't cheap! I will end up keeping this car for a good few years so I'm in no rush to go and blow all my money straight away.
  7. Why do people hate on reps so much never understood it! I'll go for the look I want.
  8. spoke to an insurance company and they wont touch me insuring an m3 until I have 4 years no claims ! Looks like 330 it is next year
  9. Bit bright for me.. Seen a couple of photos of shadowed chrome think that looks decent but is the common colour
  10. Yeah I like that colour I think anything more would spoil it. Bored of OEM
  11. Hi guys I know this has probably been asked a million times before but what colour would you get a set of genuine MV1 sprayed after a nice refurb? On a silver coupe Cheers lads!
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