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  1. Inspection 2 would have changed the filter wouldn't it? In that case it was done last year. hmm
  2. Fuel filter, never to my knowledge, but prior to pump failure it started fine. I'm going to take it out again in the morning and see if I've not put it in right, but Ive done 600 miles on it since and never miss a beat.
  3. Hi all. A few weeks ago I came to my car as i left for work and it wouldn't start. Just kept turning over. Aa came out abd diagnosed it as a iffy few pump which when tapped under side of the tank the car start. I bought a pieerberg pump from ecp and fitted it. Car runs fine however now it takes forever to start. Before I only had to get in and turn the key and it would fire hardly without turning over. Now it wont. I have to turn to full ignition and let it prime before starting. Is this normal and if not how can I cure it?
  4. I drove to France and Belgium last year. The idea was to drive over, spend a few nights in Bologne and check out the sites, food and drink, find a cheap hypermarket and come home. The plan changed slightly when we arrived at the "hotel" in Bologne and it was a dive. I've stayed in worse but the other lad I was with didn't fancy cuddling up to mysterious things in the bed so we whipped out the ipad with the WIFI and searched for somewere else.. We ended up staying in Dunkirk. Quite a nice place, the obvious history along with it and had a bumble down the sea front for food and beers in the evening. Inbtween the s**t hotel and Bologne we stopped off at La Coupole which was a V2 Rocket launch centre run by the Jerries. Now a museum and was pretty decent. Day after we arrived we drove from Dunkirk to Bruges for the day. About a 40 minute trip, not very scenic, just like the M1 but smoother and on the wrong side. Parking was like a fiver for all day and we looked at all the markets, went up the belfry and did the boat tour and brewery tour. Not a cheap place but awesome visit. Perhps going back this year and actually stopping there so we can drink a bit more lol.
  5. haha very good.. This is no joke, my Dad went to school with a lad that was born with no ears and the class bought him a pair of sunglasses for christmas one year.
  6. I'd like to know this also. Mine are really pitted. A light wet sand and polish made a slight improvement but they don't have the clarity they once did.
  7. Excuse my language but f**k off is she 70... My god... GILF Surprised this threads still going lol. Barbra Streisand Lovin' the irony here. Streisand's 73! In my defence, I didn't google her age out of fear lol
  8. Excuse my language but f**k off is she 70... My god... GILF Surprised this threads still going lol. Barbra Streisand
  9. I work for John Lewis, makes me feel proud with some of the adverts they create. Love the Parodies too.. some people have way too much time and talent.
  10. Love biking, bike to work when the weather isn't too s**te. I want a road bike next and I defo want a lefty! Uber jealous! This is mine, upgraded the brake to Hope Tech M4's with huge hope discs.. weighs abou 13kg
  11. I have the Pilot Sport 3's, not used the other brands but I am finding them superb.
  12. It was one of the first things I repaired on mine with one of them rebuild kits. My pin was hanging out also!
  13. My electric seats move that far forward that I think it'd trap warrick davis if he were in there.. She must steer with her brustwarts.
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