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  1. ahhh great! i work in Hampstead (NW3) so im pretty much following you around london;)
  2. ahhh the posh side of heathrow where are you now? cannot wait to start modding!
  3. Hi Lex, thanks for the welcome! cannot wait to get started on this. Just trying to keep it clean at the moment and getting used to RWD I'm from Hounslow, literally 10 minutes out from Heathrow airport.
  4. thanks ashley, ive actually been following your thread a little too. Some nice mods. Your to do list is pretty similar to mine.
  5. roop27

    Roops 318Ci SE

  6. Hi All, Finally decided to put up my own motor after trawling around these forums for a while. Only March 6th i bought my first BMW after owning a mk3 1.4 16v and mk4 polo 1.2e 3 cylinder 'MONSTER'. Came with the harman kardon upgrade and sunroof and all the other usual bells and whistles. Coming from a 1.2e (the base base BASE model) to this, you can imagine is a god send. Living in the post part of London, my insurance was always ridiculously expensive so had to start small. As i've gotten older and built up a few years no claims, i could finally fund an E46. Albeit still a 318 i do so much city commuting anything bigger wasn't feasible (yet...) Family is no stranger to BMW, dad has 6 brothers who all own a variety of 3 and 5 series. Dad himself has only ever bought 5 series so i knew what i was getting when i purchased mine. Plans at the moment: Going full m sport (front and rear bumper - plan to retrofit OEM parking system) 18s MV2 Alloys (possibly 19 CSL reps) HID upgrades Lowering to a reasonable level (for a daily commuter) m3 mirrors (once i find out what pin connector i have) General lighting improvements (LED?) Bolster Reconditioning I plan to keep this car as OEM as possible until i can fund a bigger engine. Will be mostly aesthetic improvements. After the sandstorm, i decided to give the car a full detail (ocd much?) and take a few snaps on my camera phone.
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