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  1. We had this issue on a forum I used to admin, and changed it so new users could search cars for sale, but that was it. As an enthusiast, when I'm looking to buy a car the first place I look is owners clubs, to then find you have to make 50 posts before viewing sale ads is disappointing. Not only for potential buyer to miss a great car, but also for a seller to miss a good sale. Just my 2p [emoji106]
  2. Suf I won't make it mate. I'm so busy with work I don't have the time to get my car back on the road as I'm mid turbo upgrade. I'll still send you the money if can't shift my ticket
  3. A lad on the Facebook page is knocking on for nearly 300k and he drifts his
  4. Fantastic cars, love mine. Ticks everybox for me, and I came from a 360bhp S4. Get one that's been looked after and pay the excess, buying a dog will end up pulling your pants down. I run a Facebook group for 330d uk owners and the amount of cars that get broken due to poor maintenance. High milers are a good buy if been looked after as most expensive jobs have been done already. Good luck [emoji106]
  5. I had one this style for the ex wife's Astra, worked fine with 2 bikes strapped on
  6. My point is your in decisiveness [emoji106]
  7. As was home this evening and had hour spare decided to clean the injector walls & seats ready for the 535's to go back in
  8. Cleaned the injector seats & walls ready for my 535d's to go back in
  9. "Plan to keep both my 330 and WRX stock and clean, they look 100 times better this way and hold their value a lot longer" Now go re-read your first post [emoji23]
  10. I don't use my inbox mate, literally only got it back to admin the group again
  11. Yeah touring with lots of twisting force [emoji16] You spoke to me about mine cracking on my project page 3 weeks ago lol
  12. I had boot floor crack repaired and all the mounting points plated last month
  13. I had made a heavy weighted gearknob on my S4, made world of difference when shifting
  14. Check if both in and out rad hoses are getting hot, if one is staying considerably colder then I'd say waterpump. Also squeeze the hose and you should feel it pressurise if pumps working
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