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  1. I took mine out, glued the flap in removed the motor and painted it. FTW. they are a waste of time anyway.
  2. Bosch Super 4s = Yuk - however saying that i think they were fitted to my old 330 by a previous owner and seemed to be OK. NGK for me all the way
  3. Depends what size resistor you fit, it would likely dim the halogen bulb. Have a read here http://www.gtsparkplugs.com/Dropping_Resistor_Calc.html
  4. i had a manual seat in my car while i got the electric one refurbed. the manual went quite a bit lower...
  5. Don't want to be the irresponsible one here but i would imagine your car has had quite a few owners, if one of them happened to get it remapped how could you know...
  6. Manual seats definitely lower - driving position with electric sports seats in E46 coupe - awful
  7. if your sidelights really are that bright then the LEDs will really need heatsinks - like you said they will burn out in no time i don't think a resistor will help a great deal. You need a K-line cable & navcoder can be found for download online or if you're really struggling i can post a link. You can also use INPA/NCS with this cable to diagnose/tweak settings I have a spare cable now since selling my e46 and the K-Line wont work with my e60 (requires DCAN cable) send me a message if interested. But yes - in answer to your first question a resistor will fix the blow bulb notification problem too..
  8. Take the fascia off and give it a good polish, if you're inclined you can put an anti glare sticker on it. i didn't bother.
  9. Use Navcoder to disable the sidelight check. too far away for me to help.
  10. When do you think it will be back up?
  11. I am on a PC. Looked through everything, i can only assume while the forum was upgraded it was broken in the process!
  12. I have a few bits i'd like to sell, however i cant find a way to subscribe... the only link from the shop directs you to the forum.
  13. Fair enough mate. I just disagree with the whole principal + insurers dont really care about 1 sp30 If i felt remorse for the so called crime and thought the course would be of benefit/educational i would 100% attend.. as it happens i maintain Cash cow ***** Ps. I am a fool too Sent from my GT-I9500 using Tapatalk 2
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