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  1. SOLD 153K miles will increase as in daily use car still pulls very clean throughout the rev range in every gear without any hesitation 2 previous owners Owned the car for the past 3 years faultless throughout my ownership I get the car serviced every 6k miles with new oil and oil filter, air and fuel filter every 12k I only use Shell fuel alongside millers diesel additive with every tank I brought the car with 114k and got the swirl flaps removed instantly Not your standard e46 pics don't do it justice need to be seen to be appreciated real head turner always getting compliments everywhere I go Got the car remapped from MotechMike and an EGR Bypass, I didn't get an aggressive remap due to the millage of the car I haven't done a dyno test but its estimated to be running 190-200bhp I also fitted a De-cat from the turbo to completely reduce any turbo lag at 118k which sounds amazing and really can hear the turbo spool up It has a rear PowerFlow stainless steel back box which comes in its own once over 4k rpm I have had the rear diffuser wrapped with carbon fibre It has full working xenons headlights which I installed with angel eyes all working looks amazing sets it apart I have got the front indicator lights turned on as DRL's which are in amber, alongside amber side repeated and amber rear lights to complete the US spec look, makes it look very different and unique I have the original MV2s with 2 falkon and 2 nankang tyres all with at least 4-5mm thread The car also comes with freshly refurbished style 32 alloys wheels 8j front 9j rear with stretch tyres. These also come with 2 falkon and 2 nankang tyres all with at least 4-5mm thread. one of them has a slight curbing on them apart from them they are in brand new condition. These alloys came at a cost of £k for the tyres, alloys and to get them refurbished. I also have stanced the car with Jom coilovers the stance drive and handling is second to none sits flat round any corner, the meyhleHD bushes have also tightened up the steering providing confidence around corners. I regularly wash the car every 2 weeks and polish it every 2 months with poorboys black stuff. I have had the rear arches professionally done by BMW as they were suffering from the typical rust which all e46's suffer from, however now none of the arches have any rust which is very rare for a e46 at this age and millage. No expense spared this has been my pride and joy for the past 3 years and will be very sad to see it go, I will not be accepting any silly offers as I know what the car is worth and know my way around a car. I have had the front and back bumpers re-sprayed due to stone chips and regular wear and tear to fresh it up Black leather seats inside with no rips or tears at all its all in immaculate condition I will drive the car myself for anyone who wishes to view the car as I cannot trust anyone to drive my car which is at stance and with stretch alloys as extra car is required when driving as a result however I will show you exactly what the car is capable of whilst driving The bad bits - obviously a car which is 12 years old and with 153k on the clock will have some standard wear and tear on the body work which I have tried my best to rectify during my ownership. The main part is on the left front wing, when I purchased the car there was a slight crease on the wing I got this repaired but since then the filler has chipped away. Truly amazing e46 very rare to find out in such good condition head turner you wont see many black saloons with a US spec and style 32's at stance trust me I've looked. Best of all its very reliable, economical and quick still gives me 550 miles per tank. I've priced it at 3250ono which I believe is a very fair price which is a lot of car for not really a lot of money. Cash on collection only, located in Milton Keynes Might have missed some bits, call or text Muhammed 07877163668
  2. Loving your 330cd buddy looks perfect, got a loon but you're tempting me to get a coupe after seeing your thread!
  3. As far as I can remember it was around the £200 mark, since I've had it fitted no problems I love the sound as it sounds like a normal diesel until you put your foot down and then it comes to life but even then after 4K rpm which is exactly what I wanted. The tips do start to rust or just get dirty I think something like that as you can see in the pics basically lol but after a clean with a metal polisher come back up brand new, I'd recommend getting one fitted.
  4. Same tyre size as devil but arches haven't been rolled
  5. Think I made my mind up then rather keep it as it is don't want to risk then getting cracked up and haven't got the money to set them sorted if that does happen
  6. Hi guys, well I'm not sure with this one need some advice on my loon with my 32s and I want lower so want the rear arches rolled. Roughly a year and a half ago they were suffering from some rust both sides they were still under bmw's warranty so them all sorted. Now I want to roll them and have been told them may crack as they are not the original arches. Is this true? Has anyone had there rear arches rolled after having work done to them? Thanks in advance.
  7. Cheers for your comments guys, I haven't really got a lot more that I want to do. Got a full stainless steel exhausts with decat, remap, cheap but amazing jom coils lol, resprayed front and back bumpers, new xenon headlights with angel eyes, mehyle front and rear bushes oh yeah and an egr delete. Thinking I need to get a new DMF and clutch as it's slightly ticking. Just can't wait to get my rear arches rolled and get some more drop, more pics on the way soon
  8. Nankang 205 40 18 at front and Falkens 205 40 18 at rear
  9. Looks amazing buddy is that with your rear arches rolled and fronts full camber?
  10. Hi guys, as much as I would have loved to have a proper build thread I just hadn't got the time but I've finally got my car to somewhere how I've wanted it. I've done quite a few bits and bobs to it but not really taken any documented pics along the way I'm afraid. I haven't got that many pics but it's from how it was with a drop on my mv2s to now on my 32s. Style 32s with stretch obviously ? rear arches not rolled but full camber. Before And now I thinking of getting my rear arches rolled and dropping it another 10-15mm front and back. What you guys think
  11. As title states I have my HTC one M8 in grey for sale I've only had it for exactly 1 week not a fan of the android going back to Apple lol phone is in literally brand new condition fully boxed does come with a 2 pin charger but also contains an adaptable plug so no problems there. It's unlocked to any network works perfectly fine in amazing condition. It will be on sale else where so could get sold at anytime. Looking for around £250
  12. Haha thats funny but I've never had that yet, had my ambers on as DRL's for around 8 months now, maybe because there's more sensible drivers in Milton Keynes lol!
  13. Looks real nice your Passat and the coupe, will be following this I'm liking what you want to do with it!
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