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  1. Yeah thats what i thought. Cheers m8
  2. Hi all i bought a double din unit oem but ive since discovered i need the nav loom which mine doesnt have . How much will it cost for the loom for this to work and what else do i need . Thanks
  3. Hi lads do any of these units come with a dab facility. And if i fit one of these will it still work the multi changer in the boot
  4. I got some off ebay with msport logo no probs with them
  5. Ok cheers , do they bring a fault code up , how bright are they
  6. Anyone know if you can get leds for the fronts fogs on msport coupe
  7. Will the head lights from a 55plate coupe fit my 52 plate coupe
  8. Mv 1 i think . For some reason im struggling to post pics.
  9. Ok cheers think ill stick with whats on and get them sprayed and refurbed
  10. biggeordie

    biggeordie pics

  11. Hi all my neighbour has offered me his spare set of m3 alloys off his 53 plate m3, will these fit my 52 plate 325 m sport coupe, they are 18" and the tyres are the same size as the ones that were on the wheels. Thanks.
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