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  1. The only way i can think of thats cheap and easy is to buy for £10 a bluetooth transmitter that plugs into the cigarette lighter and you tune your radio to pick it up,ebay has them.
  2. alan53

    Best oil

    TRIPLE QX 5W 40 SYNTHETIC OIL 3.5 LITRES I use this but no longer than 6 months,thats just me and its not too expensive on ebay or motor factors PS my cars the same and at 210000 miles
  3. I have a black on black standard 330ci se,square setup,6 speed manual,18 inch standard rims style 32 i think,mostly unmodified ie some carbon fibre different head unit. I am located in Hastings East sussex.
  4. The spare tyre and tools plus battery -always useful
  5. http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=BD52-EUR---E46-BMW-330Ci&diagId=18_0428#18101740207 hope this helps
  6. I took my car in to the garage to have the prop shaft donut,center bearing replaced,when i got it back it was clunking and vibrating so back it went,and the rear joint at the diff end needed doing as grease was flying out! Finally got it back perfect !Got some beers for the guys,i wasnt charged labour on the second visit just the part (£215),anyway the total cost was £600 all bmw parts. Just glad to have it sorted its my daily. Today i fitted new rear brakes discs/shoes/shocks/springs as one was broken.Its been an expensive few days.
  7. Scraped through the MOT,a lot of advisories -rear brakes,rear springs corroded,rear struts just legal,anyway its a win and i am gathering parts for when the weather will let me fix it.
  8. start at the beginning why did you change cam shaft sensor
  9. i found this on the web https://jalopnik.com/internet-unsympathetic-to-bmw-owner-with-incorrectly-pa-509231773
  10. The back seat only needs to be removed to access the fuel pump,i believe its a quick easy job to replace it
  11. I took my 330ci in for the steering wheel air bag recall,it was done at bmw Hailsham east sussex.Its a rather nice dealership free coffee and lots of cars to look at,The i 8 hybrid looks good but it was a poor colour choice but comfy interior.Well i also got a free inspection and the offer of a car wash which i declined,the car got a clean bill on the checkup not bad,now at 205,000 miles.
  12. Here is some other info it may lead you to a result http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=137365&highlight=key+program+hold
  13. It seems like a specific wiring problem to the light
  14. have you tried adding power from the engine jump start points ? i am guessing the doors might unlock by default
  15. I guess let make the car go flat by draining the power with something a light perhaps then apply 12v to the power points in the engine compartment.i am just guessing since its urgent
  16. I will have an uneducated guess why not disconnect the battery wait 10 mins then apply power it might just unlock or the alarm will go off
  17. The main reason for keeping it stock is insurance hassle and i dont really know how to decide what to get,MJN mentioned bilstein and HR,i have heard of bilstein so i suppose i will look at their kits. Thanks guys
  18. My car a 330ci needs new shocks and springs alround it and i was wondering what to get as i would like to keep it stock,so no coilovers.should i just get the bmw stuff or are there better choices?
  19. Well my car finally passed the 200,000 mile mark and its MOT,but it required all new tyres though because of bulges,so never again will i fit PZeros,on the plus side the oil use is cured thanks to the rapid oil changes and the 02pilot mod.i am currently adding dipthane to the fuel to decarbonise it internally again.
  20. Yesterday started badly my 330CI exhaust started blowing where the manfold meets the twin pipes,I knew this day would come its been in a cruddy condition since i got the car I had decided after reading around that it wasnt a job for me,so i popped it into Hastings custom exhausts this morning they looked at it said 2hrs and £80 plus vat which seemed a good deal they are a friendly group of guys i would recommend them.
  21. My guess is its the heater element area of the thermostat not fixable,just replace it whatever it is even if its an o ring or gasket,you only need to drain a little coolant.
  22. bmw E46 330ci 2004 nearly 200,000 miles running well
  23. Thats the same on my 330ci,if you want to drain the block there are nuts to do it,not sure where,or if needed in most cases unless contaminated.Whats the problem?
  24. I would like a red interior in the future,years ago i had a renault 9 with one it even had red seat belts.
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