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  1. winter wheels

    For Sale - West Midlands I have for sale a set of standard E46 rims with 205/55 R16 Marix Glacial tyres - really good in snow. Plenty of tread and fairly quiet for winter tyres - just a bit of a hum. The rims are in reasonable nick - suitable for the winter! Keep your lovely summer alloys in the shed... £100 ono - buyer collect from near Ludlow
  2. failing thermostat - but which one?

    for M47, Some sellers list the whole housing - some list the Gates stat itself - some list the stat and an internal bracket - what's best?
  3. failing thermostat - but which one?

    Hello - did you find it easy to identify which type of main stat you needed?
  4. I realise I have a dud stat - on a downhill, now it's 3° outside here - my temp can go from normal down to nearly blue... So is it most likely to be the main stat? I can't imagine the little EGR one even if fully open would do that? Happy to be corrected coz I know which one I'd rather replace...
  5. All front bulbs seem to be fine. Osram Nightbreakers in the headlights, Canbus-compatible LED sidelights. All fine until, suddenly the red nearside bulb-failure lamp is on in check control - and the nearside indicator is on, steady not flashing. Can anyone help?
  6. brake light switch

    Thanks for that - sorry I had to bump the question...
  7. brake light switch

    Sorry nobody can help on this one I thought it'd be easy!
  8. suspension clonk

    it was the shocks. completely cured by new ones. Easy!
  9. brake light switch

    Hi all - where is the brake light switch and can it be adjusted? I ask because my cruise control is disengaging ever so slightly late - and I'm assuming it is the same switch which does that...
  10. suspension clonk

    almost certainly on an unsprung part of the suspension as it happens over small bumps
  11. suspension clonk

    Hmm interesting - I think it's wallowing a bit on left-handers as well (and the noise is on the right...) Thanks
  12. suspension clonk

    After 800 miles on Irish rural roads last summer - and a few thou since - one side of my rear suspension is making a clonking noise over small bumps - getting worse. Is this most likely a shock absorber bush? Jeremy
  13. engine temp on 330D when fully warmed up

    That makes more sense! Thanks.
  14. engine temp on 330D when fully warmed up

    Thanks - but that web site seems mainly to do with 3D modelling of proteins...
  15. engine temp on 330D when fully warmed up

    anybody got an answer on which is the right sort?