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  1. Parked outside some shops on the A47 Today was a clean looking silver loon with tints reg number K44VYK Any ones from heres ?
  2. Thanks guys some very interesting info there, after i jumped me lill coupe yesterday we went to cambridge ( 18 miles each way ) with lights heaters etc got back home and parked her under her carport, yet today she fired up no problems, i even showed the lurvly mrs coupe how to hook up the jump pack under the bonnet as i'm at work way before she is, yesterday i jumped it off the battery in the boot so while i was in there i checked all terminals / connections and its all ok, i'll see how it goes and if it does it again i'll look at gettin a new battery on me halfrauds trade card, this weekend i'll probably pop over my mates garage and get him to droptest the battery underload. Thanx again.
  3. Yep its just weird that there is no consitancy, the first time the weather was a little milder about 7 degrees above.
  4. Hello my friends, my lill coupe hasn't missed a beat in the 4 years that i,ve owned her but a few weeks ago the lurvly mrs coupe went out to her and the battery was flat and just got that "click click clicking" sound so she phoned me up and i talked her through hooking up my jump pack and getting her on her way, we couldn't see that any thing had been left on anywhere but at the same time the boot changer packed up and i thing it was this constantly trying to retract a stuck cd out of the drive that caused the battery flatage. S'morning we went out to get in the car to go and do a lill bit of chrimbo shopping and as soon as i turned on the ignition the headlights came on and as soon as i turned the key i again got the "click click clickerty" sound so i hooked up the boost pack and away she went, i've done a voltage check on the alternator on full load and she's pumping out 14.1v so all well there but before i pop and get the battery drop tested i thought i'd get me old friends imput from the Zone. So, wodyafinx ? X
  5. Is it the first one buddy, if it is then enjoy your last few days of silence.
  6. Its a slippery slope buddy and once your on it the momentum gets quicker and quicker
  7. Lovin the work so far buddy just need some of these imho to make the light units look as one http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/BMW-E46-3-Series-Smo...=item53e33089c2
  8. soopa coupe


    Well i thought my post was very relevant
  9. Be sure the nuts that hold the wiper arms on are tight then get some rainX on there and once you over 40mph you wont need your wipers anyway, as a matter of interest you haven't put polish on your windscreen have ya ?
  10. Ha Ha nice one, i got passed by a porker today reg no SO06 OOD or as he had it S00 6OOD
  11. This is very true, a colleage of mine got arrested once for not checking that the bush was intact
  12. Nice one fella but we need some pics to back these claims up,
  13. Thanx for clearing that up guys, good work
  14. Its the only way daz, No one can take the p155 outa me better than i can
  15. Bit late for the advice Daz bloody stuff tastes awful Oh i cant wait to read the "laying on my drive @ -15" topic, Prevention is better than cure my friend i can now sleep soundly knowing that if i get a puncture mid winter i'm not gonna have to batter my wheel off cos the alloy wheel has corroded itself to the steel hub . i was a roadside tech for five winters and believe me 1/2 a days prep now could save you a cold 2 hrs waiting for the AA to turn up, antifreeze loses its ability to protect from the cold after a while and i'd rather know now thats alls well cos the alternative cracked cylinder block can be costly. Yeah i'm still about fella i've been working deep undercover but pop me head above radar every now and then I do the same checks / proceedures at the end of the winter to when it starts to warm up Get the kids a sled and buy a house at the top of school lane, simples
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