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  1. hi guys I’ve not been on for a while what’s new? And are there any meets in Bedfordshire dudes? I have been keeping the faith with a 330ci and a M3 ready to play 👌🏽
  2. But I think I might just be seen as a true enthusiast by friends and family lmao
  3. I picked up a low mileage manual M3 yesterday and to say I'm as happy as any child on Christmas morning is an understatement lol but I am truly on the naughty list
  4. What about the Tesco carrier bag 💼 daz I'm using to stop paint dripping on the floor? Now let's not mess about you all are well aware of the gravity of what I was doing there and the reality of how much danger I was in and still am in because if the missus had caught me wasting 10p on her shopping bag omg it would of definitely been my bag for life.
  5. it's a Halfords hero lmao and your completely correct it's crap a Father's Day present from kids who know I'm insured
  6. She's that low I had to modify my jack to get underneath lol and some Auto tek I always find the finish the absolute best just one coat hardly any preparation 10-5 minutes wheels on and cook it on down the road and it lasts for years 💪🏽£4 more a tin than halfway Halfords 4-5 coat s all day doing 1 b******t thing I would spend a little more and have a life 🤓 Or maybe I should get a life and not be painting in the first place haha
  7. I put the details bit by bit myself apart from any Resprays required it was just my taste to be honest if you looked on my profile gallery when I got her she had mv2s on but they weren't Oem not even staggered so they went first lol I had about 3 sets of shoes in 3 years as you do lol and everything else came with time she's even got Quads hand made exhausts. Is there a kit with all those mods then? But I wouldn't of got the price of a full kit past the wife haha so I would of still been stealth buying! Speaking of which I have had an itch I had to scratch today chap
  8. And there's my previous 328 I'm gutted for my friend who brought her and somewhat myself to when I got the news yesterday his wife ploughed a corsa with her the good news is no one was hurt and to be honest they have a lot on there minds as there dog 🐶 Frankie has had a brave fight with cancer but sadly its not humane to continue treatment because they have done all that they can so her mind was elsewhere etc . It's smashed the Vauxhall with minor scratches and scuffs to the bmw but I reckon they will write them both off but again the BMW's had a small fortune 🔮 invested I know that it's a non returning profit but the insurance will just pay them bottom book for it
  9. Every but as quick as my 4.2 S4 and the Audi is remapped 👍🏽💨💨
  10. Or if you want an Oem classic look at this beautiful baby http://m.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C857407
  11. it's HAMMAN styled lads by the guys themselves and there's been 1000s spent on upgrades suspension - engine etc . I have had x3 330 ci and 1 328 ci and this one ☝️ is in a different league on handling and power with the exception of a hpf (supercharged)or an M3 it's tuning is perfect for the younger yob buried in me I get the Oem focus and I have been there myself with 2 of my others wax jacket on rolling tongue 👅 and down to Waitrose who harin with Farquhar in the car park . But if I'm honest I'm not going too undue what someone has spent 1000s on . I'm going too roll with on that one .
  12. Maybe Dave lol or maybe not 50/50 ask the audience or use a lifeline lmao I'm going too change a few things and then depimp or decide . It's been on and off more time than a hookers nickers haha
  13. I am undecided to be honest when I picked her up I thought the same and took it straight off and then after showing the pictures a majority said they'd leave it on they like it lol so I put it back on and am going to take my time on the right decision for me
  14. Lol I have to admit I do like a bit of rice 🍚 as long as it's my taste yes your right mate but I'm not taking the badges off I will be replacing both kidneys in time after my holiday . And a few other personal touches. I only picked her up the other day and the old fella had been doing less than 2k between each Mot and the coolant was old and golden so a full radiator flush and BMW's blue with distilled water replacement. And Castrol edge 5-30 it's the lord of my rings lol and f.. me Saturday afternoon and I went to undo the bleed screw and of course it snapped wtf and I had to do some real research to find anywhere open! And then again anywhere that stocks them. But I did so I have peice of mind it's going too be fine. He had all new tensioners and water pump 3 k ago but he only drove it in summer and not far.
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