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  1. i don't suppose you have a link to one on ebay so i know what i am looking at ?
  2. Hi Guys I am thinking of upgrading my headunit and i have been advised to go to a Double Dim unit and to do this i need to move the aircon control. I have seen on eBay a used climate control unit, i guess its not going to be as simple as buying this and swaping this out for the sunglass draw ?
  3. Is that an 'easy' job to do (I just about managed to fit a fruitycable iphone) or involve alot of work? Also I have seen a few double dim on Ebay or is a Andrive worth the extra money ?
  4. Hi all Been driving for 25 years and this is my first BMW, had pretty much everything sensible from a Rover SD1 to a Nissan Micra via Renaultsport Cilo. Currently I have a 2004 E46 320ES Saloon and SLK Rich
  5. Hi guys New to this site so apologies if this question has already been asked. I currently own a 320 ES with basic aircon system and a business cd head unit which I have wired up fruity cables iphone connector but I want to upgrade the headunit further but unsure of my options. I'm happy to go to double dim unit if the aircon system continues to work and am open to options but sooner have something that fills the gap without the need for spacer units Cheers Rich
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