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  1. I drove the old girl to work in London last night and noticed the led side lights were flickering on and off, do they all do that? Also the display and lights on the el cheapo head unit flicker when the car side lights are turned on, the car battery is good,, cheap sh*t addons or car rectifier problem? Any ideas plz? Edit: cured the head unit lights flickering, I adjusted the dash light brightness and it stopped, there's a point near the middle where it happens, will that affect the side light LED's??
  2. On mine on both sides the round plastic rod with the spring had broken off so I drilled the 3mm hole where they would have been fixed to the cover plate and threaded the wire through there to the little tab on the roof frame, I'll try to get a pic tmro m8. Also one of my batwings? had a problem, the top end had cracked off and was starting to chafe the roof liner so I rounded it off with a file, redrilled a small hole in the top and rethreaded the string that pulls it back into position when the roof goes up, I think I tied it a little loose as sometimes it needs just a small touch to make it snap back into position and cover the outer frame but it's all good - no more chafing.
  3. Both of the plastic flaps that are supposed to spring back into position to cover the roof frame holes when the top is down broke on my E46, so I had a look and decided a 5min bodge was in order The covers are actuated by a curved plastic rod with a spring on it connected to the roof frame so when the roof goes down the flaps slide back and cover the holes, I drilled a 3mm hole in the rear lower edge of the flaps, took 2 short lengths of electrical wire, tied a knot in one end then cut 2 small (20x10x10mm) lumps off some stiff foam I had and inserted the wire through the foam, the foam acts as a spring to take up any slack (I couldn't find any biro pens to rob the springs out of). Thread the wire with the foam on through the 3mm hole from the inside out then thread it through the hole in the frame where the original spring should go and pull tight and make another knot, trim off the excess wire, job done, cost me zero pennies and 10mins of my time and my BMW OCD can rest at ease until I see something else that annoys me
  4. Updated the IGO maps & speed cam reports via my favourite torrent site I was getting so many false speed cam reports it did my head in, looked at the software supplied with my navi and it was 2012/13 doh.
  5. Drove the 320 miles down to Perranporth, a day early to beat the rush (suckers drive on black Friday) will pass the 70k mark this weekend but the 46 is faultless, I love it to bits The new sound system is great too, sat nav, mp3 etc etc, all is good
  6. I just bought an Android based unit and fitted it yesterday, everything is great except outgoing calls via Bluetooth have a loud buzz their end, I'm going to try some earthing tests today. Apart from that its great, the radio is very good, sat nav etc, all good. Fitting was a bit of a pig though, the radio and gps plugs hit against the heater duct in the dash, no way was I going to cut into the pipe so I used a heat gun and deformed it a bit until the unit fitted in
  7. Woodsie1

    Ski Pass Sub

    Fitting a 10" square sub
  8. It's this site, it wont let me send a link or url, pm me your email and i'll send the pics direct m8 btw: the speaker is fitted, gonna wire up the amp when I wake up a bit. Ed: made a 'members gallery' called Ski Pass Sub with the pics if you can find it /o AT LAST! The vert has some bass! A temporary lashup amp fit as I wasn't even sure the amp worked still after many years in the shed, sounds good too but I've got my eye on a more powerful Kenwood. ps close the boot lid before you set it up
  9. Sive I took some pics for you but I can't figure out how to share the link on here /o
  10. Started the install of the 10" square sub in the ski pass, looks like its a perfect fit
  11. Cam cover gasket leaks tend to work back to no.6 cyl and then drip oil onto the exhaust, could it possibly be the breather hose popped off? Will be easy to check just remove the plastic cover. Either that or a badly fitted gasket - ie: no sealant around the centre bolts?
  12. Drove it round to my old mum's place and as the sun was out this morning had a blast down the A13 after to clear the cobwebs, filled it up with proper petrol then went to Canvey and bought some side light repeaters and stuck them on as the old ones were looking a bit green, I even took out the mats and gave it a good hoover, I love my car Ah yes, my seat bolster needs re upholstering, I've been told there's a guy in Romford that will do a good job for about £90 does anyone know anything?
  13. I had constant problems with sticking/overheating brakes on my old E36, the only solution (after changing various calliper's) was to completely flush the old brake fluid, I can only guess it had never been done and is easily overlooked but very important, old brake fluid degrades and absorbs water and expands the brake cylinder seals which causes them to lock up. I went through weeks/months of pulling over on the way home from London @ 5am and using a small pry bar to ease the callipers off the disc's and free them up a bit, that would last maybe a week maybe a day, lesson learnt, replace all fluids at regular intervals! Good luck!
  14. I changed the cam cover gasket as there was a small leak around the no.6 plug causing a drip onto the exhaust. I was surprised how brittle the old gasket had become after only 68k.
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