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  1. As, above pleasecget into contact with a price, model and age of the kit. Cheers Mike
  2. Yes, I saw this too. got more work being done to it hasn't he
  3. He may still have the 330cd as he had the M3 before selling it.
  4. It was for sale last i saw bud. he now owns an e92 M3.
  5. @Chrish, Been looking for some more info of your build for a while since a friend of mine showed me a magazine write up of yours. great work! it definitely inspired me with my 'loon haha what map sensor are you running with this out of interest? I've got a few plans for the future but need to clarify some bits. Cheers Mike
  6. Small drill down the brass in 3 or 4 places to remove the old bolt then be careful not to catch the plastic and take more brass out until it's weak enough to remove ....Phone.....
  7. Sounds like the veins are playing up. Have you checked all the vacuum hoses that go to the boost controller/ chamber? The tend to split up by the maf and just gently perish under the inlet manifold. Also a good clean of the veins as they get coked up with carbon. ....Phone.....
  8. http://www.tristar-inserts.com/ Pull the old one out. And fit a new one. It'll be a bit of a d**k to remove bit it will come out. ....Phone.....
  9. Not too bad a job. What have you tried so far? Drilling a small pilot hole in the centre then using a removal tool like this should do the trick.... http://m.screwfix.com/p/screw-extractor-5-piece-set/18643?kpid=18643&cm_mmc=Google-_-Product%2520Listing%2520Ads-_-Sales%2520Tracking-_-sales%2520tracking%2520url&kpid=18643&cm_mmc=Google-_-Shopping%2520-%2520Power%2520Tool%2520Accessories-_-Shopping%2520-%2520Power%2520Tool%2520Accessories&gclid=CjwKEAjw_MisBRCTuNPfoMqU4ngSJACrJv1VRiBxvaqIXA0UJGHcJJm1QpqZu6jWi7KQZxVe9taAKBoCkJjw_wcB ....Phone.....
  10. 3.0 is bad, 5.0 is screwed.....I've just developed cylinder one failing at idle at 3.0....its lumpy as s**t and peaks at 7.0 :/ Sssoooo replacement is needed lol luckily I have 4 spare in my unit. But...removing it is going to be my worry haha ....Phone.....
  11. Why's it be in stripped? And what's happening to the shell? ....Phone.....
  12. What do you need help doing? Drilling/tapping? ....Phone.....
  13. It was a no brainer for me. £450ish for a stock replacement or a small extra for the hybrid. Lol As for Injectors. 335d ones. But they'll need cleaning and flow testing then coding into the car. There's also a specific age yu have to get but I'm unsure of that. Others may know. ....Phone.....
  14. With a cloud of tractor fuel It's my magic puff powder.... **Ppooffff** And I'm going...going... gone ....Phone.....
  15. My current hybrid turbo on my 330d was actually cheap considering most 'reputable' companies wanted £1k+ CR Turbo's gave me a larger billet compressor wheel and modefied exhaust wheel along with housings etc to accommodate it all for a grand total of.... £615 delivered. Seriously great price. They're easy enough to change if you're good with tools. But I'd recommend you do a few other things whilst you're doing it. Intercooler clean and re-seal at the very least. - cost of oil resistant sealant ££ Decat pipe -£112ish Egr full removal - £50ish Swirl flaps (if you have them) -£30ish Full service - circa £150 Engine mounts (if perished) - £? Vac line replacement - £10 Drive belt replacement (if needed) - £30 Thermostat replacement - £50 Coolant change - £30 And not to mention that it will need remapping afterwards. -£200+ You're looking at approximately £12-1300 to do a proper job of it. And that's if you're like me and do all your own work..... ....Phone.....
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