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  1. Didn't realise he had a site, or eBay. Thanks for the help lads.
  2. You got an eBay link mate? He mustn't come on this site anymore and hasn't read my message.
  3. I'll update this topic on whether I get a reply or not in a week or so.
  4. Found his posts and sent him a PM. Thanks Trevor.
  5. Oh, never knew you could do that. I'll message him now thanks
  6. Someone who refuses to own up lost my key today. I have a spare fortunately, and the little grey spare, but how do I go about getting another spare? I've read on the net it's £130!? But I've already read some "procedures" you can do.. any truth in these?
  7. There's NOTHING!? Come onnnnn, surely
  8. Last time I was here you had to buy and install a program and then have to know all about codes and adjust certain values that if you got wrong, could have went bad. Have things gotten any safer? All I'm after is things like: 2-click open = front window down 2-click close = Close all windows (even rear)
  9. Does it has to be a specialist? My local Kwik Fit have looked after everything from my Celica, DC5, brothers (highly modified) JDM Scooby and brothers friends 911.
  10. Went from Edinburgh > Newcastle & back on Monday for the Zoo & Festival.. Managed 29mpg in my 330Ci... I consider that a win.
  11. I'm assuming you're talking about your E46 330Cd and not my recent question about E92's?
  12. Its not what you said - you said your car has a 6k rev range. Your car doesn't have a 6k rev range. It has a rev range of about 4000rpm (i.e 1000rpm to 5000rpm) God its like pulling teeth. I'll edit out the moron comment but thanks for telling me to go back to school....Responded to your PM anyways [emoji6] Surly you have to include 0-1000 rpm?
  13. Why would you want to? I'm not saying the SSG is bad (I have one and have no plans to sell it anymore) but it's seriously not worth the hassle.
  14. Pfft, it's a car, get it driven [emoji4]
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