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  1. schrick or catcams for bmw generally. Get in touch with JC Racing North Yorkshire
  2. Same with me, however my highest reading was only 150 so i really dont agree with him at all, i dont believe its had any work at all other than the wing below! My readings were from 80-130 generally. Anything starting with a 2 has had work before, 288 is really high. It's funny really as my car had a new wing under insurance last year (didnt tell the bloke this) and he was all like "see, this is a perfect original panel, no corrosion" (measured around 80), then measured my rear arch which was 150 and said it had been done before!
  3. The Year Of The Car - 2004 Model Of The Car - e46 330cd Offset's Front and Rear - Front ET34 Rear ET37 Rim width - Front 8 Rear 8.5 Profile - 225-40 and 255-35 Archwork required (rolled or pulled) - Nope Size Of The Alloy - 18 Model Of Alloy /Replica or Original - BMW Style 216 / BBS RD300 BMW Motorsport Wheels
  4. I had mine in and most was around 80-100 but some places up to 150 and he told me its had work before because of this. Personally i dont think it has so its nice to read this, i might get back in touch and ask again.
  5. Probably just the noise it makes when you're over loading it, i've never put my foot flat down below 2-2.5k rpm in any gear, its not good for any of the drive line. Glad you found one, it took me ages to find mine too, gave up on heated seats and HK for a 54k mile example, although its now got 88k on it! Keep getting tempted by the e90 335d's but really cant be chewed to sell mine at all!
  6. Dropped mine off for airbag recall this morning and she said they dont have a paint shop on their premises so could get a smart repair guy to give me a quote if i wanted :| i said no, its under warranty and needs looking at by their corrosion warranty guy so was told id have to sort that out separately. That's what i thought i had sorted out for today haha the women that dealt with me was nice and all but didnt have a clue what it was that i was even asking for. Will see what they've come up with when i go and pick it up!
  7. Sounds like there may be hope for me yet then, hopefully find out more tomorrow! Fingers crossed for you Jack.
  8. Mines going in on friday whilst the air bag module recall is being carried out. Got my fingers crossed! Did you have any hassle getting the work done from the dealer?
  9. I got my recall letter through yesterday and its going in on Friday for the work. I've also asked them to check out some areas of corrosion so fingers crossed!
  10. Thanks, they are et37 rears and et34 fronts and same widths and mv2's. So ive kept my spacers for the mv2's/ winter wheels and then these fit great without any so I'm pretty chuffed!
  11. 5 hour round trip to collect the new wheels. Cleaned the car this morning and got them on. Really chuffed with them! Cheers for looking
  12. You dont need the cover, just the insert itself, both fit into the same cover. Mines a 54 plate and had the loo roll type. The loo roll type is fine as long as its changed, i still changed mine to the vortex type though.
  13. Mine has ribbon connectors and the passenger side mirror doesnt work any more. Is this down to a fault with the mirror would you say, it was removed by a bodyshop at one point!
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