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  1. Good point! Sorry to hear about the bump The_Judge Maddening, this is, as they spent AGES looking for a scratch. What they found could have been done lifting stuff into the boot, a trolley...whatever
  2. Thanks for this - much appreciated! Time to look for a bonnet!
  3. Hi All; Just looking for some tips/help... Last week the car ahead went to pull off on a clear roundabout... I was behind - then she stopped dead for no reason and I hit the back. We got out and couldn't see any damage - whatsoever. Nadda. I kept wanting to leave but the passenger- the partner- hung around and eventually spotted a tiny, tiny scratch. He then went on about there could be damage underneath and he would have to take it to be checked at his garage as 'its a brand new car' etc, etc. I gave my name and number and address. He's now sent me a quote of £600 for them to take the bumper off and check it underneath, spray and refit. Obviously this is what any dealership would do... What happens now - my E46 is fine.... but will they contact my insurance and make a claim? If so, do I have to pay any excess? I will check my policy but I thought excess was only payable on your own vehicle? Sorry, don't mean to sound like a total newbie but I have no idea how this works ...
  4. Thanks for this! How heavy is it, roughly? I've moved and don't know anyone locally just yet ... so it will have to be my wife!
  5. Hi All; I am looking to replace the bonnet on my 2002 318i touring. Has anyone any experience of this, or are there any useful guides? I found a couple but they weren't all that clear. Many thanks! Nick
  6. Is there any way to get the 'dings' out of the bonnet easily? This is the worst thing putting me off putting time in. But- used the clay yesterday and very pleased. The thing of all was the Chemical Guys plastic restore I used...actually stunning!
  7. Hi All; I recently invested in some detailing products so to keep on top of my wife's E87. The aim is to protect it and its value. I bought an E46 Touring - 2002 318i SE last year. It is a cloth interior, climate control, multi-function steering wheel and I have maintained it and brought it up to scratch as it seemed to be poorly cared-for previously. The paintwork has a ding on the bonnet and in the door (small) and some scrapes which have been plastered over poorly with silver paint! Scuffs on wing mirrors and rear wing has been poorly re-sprayed. Elsewhere the paint is good. On my shopping spree, I got some Bilt Hamber Clay and polish, Chemical Guys interior and so I am going to spend some time on the car. I'm just curious to get your feedback if I am kind of wasting my time sorting out the body work, versus age of the car and mileage (160k). I may just keep it as the car has been reliable and a nice drive - but would like to upgrade to an E90 at some point. Do you look at the car in terms of retaining value, or just to get enjoyment out of it? Just interested in thoughts!
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