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  1. I've got my phone configured to activate its WiFi hotspot when it connects to the cars Bluetooth so I just tether off that. The reception with their WiFi adapter is pretty good so it can also connect to my home network without issue when I'm on the drive. Personally I wouldn't say the 3.5" screen would be of a high enough resolution. The screen I'm using is 800x480 and I'm not convinced anything less than that would be good enough. I'd say you'd be better off with a 5" 800x480 if you could fit it.
  2. Thanks, the Odroid has native support for USB audio, GPS and touchscreen etc. There's android 5.1 available for it which is working very well. The only thing I had to change was making some alterations to the Touchscreen driver in order to correctly calibrate the screen. It's hard to say how long it took as a lot of it was trial and error/research. If I had to do it all again on another car I reckon I could have it done in a day.
  3. Thought I'd share my latest project - Android integration into the OEM nav screen. Basically I wanted and android head unit whilst also keeping the cars original interface and menus. This way I could keep the use of my intravee, the cars radio and bluetooth which is much better quality than those in the android head units. I started out by researching what video signal is provided to the OEM board monitor which turned out to be RGB which I could access from the TV module. As my intention was to replace the LCD in the board monitor with a higher resolution panel with touchscreen I would need to convert this to VGA. In order to do this a converter board would be required so I sourced one to test before committing to ordering the other components. I had to make an interface cable to connect the RGB siganal to the converter board which can be seen below and as you can see this was a success! Once I'd got the video signal converted I worked out the basic layout of what components would be needed and how everything would connect up I decided to use an Odroid C2 as the android device as it seemed quite customisable and sufficiently powerful for the application. I found the 6.5" screen with driver and touch overlay on eBay. As the screen was coming from china this gave me plenty of time to work out the exact wiring required and where everything would connect: Once everything had arrived I started by removing the boot carpet and routing the wiring through, HDMI for android, VGA for the MK4 Nav, one composite for the reverse camera and the other as the trigger wire and then the USB for the touch screen: I set about disassembling the board monitor and adapting it for the new screen. As the CD drive in it would not longer be usable I decided to rewire the eject button to act as the input change on the new screen allowing me to switch between the VGA and HDMI. I also installed the Infra red receiver for the screens remote in place of the light sensor in case I wanted to make alterations to the screens settings: Once I'd completed the screen it was just a case of setting up android and enabling USB touchscreen support on the Odroid C2. I've now got fully functional android as well as the original car systems which looks completely OEM from inside. I've also got the use of 'OK Google' enabling me to use my voice to play music and navigate etc. Here's a quick video of it in action: I'm really pleased with how it's turned out, what do you guys think?
  4. Yep that's the correct part No. (assuming it's got the combined 16mm button bar which I think all M3's have) You won't be able to upgrade it to Lollipop but you'll be able to flash a custom ROM on it with more features than stock and possibly update the MCU depending on what version it has atm.
  5. Thought it might be those ones, I'd already watched them earlier, I'll get them ordered!
  6. I'm going to have to get a set of those ordered, what model A4 are they from?
  7. Have you tried disconnecting all your spliced wires restoring it to original?
  8. When I took mine out to fit the shelf with the electric blind the previous owner had already had a go at their own anti-rattle implementation... Based on your photo it's an android based unit. There's loads of information and advise on them located here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/android-auto You should be able to get any help you need.
  9. When I did mine I used halfords satin black and it came up well.
  10. I'd add 330CD to the title as that's what it technically is and doesn't come up when searching like that (just spent a while looking for it lol)
  11. I'm pretty sure even those subs have a gain control on them so you can adjust the level.
  12. Looks excellent, another thing I need to get done to mine!
  13. According to realoem the stock ones are 5mm http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=BD52-EUR-05-2004-E46-BMW-330Ci&diagId=33_1025
  14. What else is lacking over previous versions? I had 4.4 versions in my golf and have been thinking of the 5.1 versions for the clubsport. With regard to the subwoofer control can you not adjust it to the required level with the gain control on the AMP?
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