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  1. PM me your email address. I have the Convertible Top Workshop Manual
  2. You have what's called a parasitic draw, search for it on youtube. I had a similar thing, fit a brand new battery, left it for 2 weeks, car wouldn't turn. I recently discovered it was the BMW torch in the glovebox, disconnected it & now even 4 weeks later still has lots of power to turn over
  3. Couple of years ago my old man got done for this, front tyre over line, even the recorded speed was 0mph, he appealed but no luck, still ended up with a fixed penalty & points.
  4. http://www.bimmerforums.co.uk/forum/f18/replacing-oil-breather-e46-320td-320d-t15944/
  5. Crankcase breather pipe should not have more than a fine smear of oil in it. Check your breather & fit a later style one.
  6. Maybe. The illumination pattern is nice & I think they could work. I would tint the bottom half with Red Lamin-x & the top half in gun smoke tint.
  7. Couple of washers should give you the clearance you need.
  8. Came across these vids that I thought other might like to see Can't say I've seen a Cone Filtered M57 before. Courtesy of Tim Cook https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLHyGUiAKNU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nb2lrYhpZYE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvK9mrIAky4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Glmhz7-w6Ec Unsure on the performance benefits, but certainly sounds better than I imagined.
  9. http://www.rtecalloywheels.co.uk/ssp_director/p.php?a=JmF3c3pveHYwPGhjcVtiam5jdHVsVG96ZGdlaGB3dUpwfmBwYVQhKmB7ZT81NjMuMiY3JT46Mis2JTg3PjY5JyItJjonIyg6Jzc/MTE=&m=1447627522 http://www.rtecalloywheels.co.uk/ssp_director/p.php?a=JmF3c3pveFYwPGhjcVtiam5jdHVsVG96ZGdlaGB3dUpwfmBwYSV5dG0nMyQ8LTMyOjoyOTsmMis/PC0zPjIlPicxPzonIyg/Jzcj&m=1447627522
  10. The reason the CCV feed goes after the air filter (nearest to be turbo) is to utilise the vacuum present. The vacuum draws out CC vapours, which helps seal your rings. From what I've read, you will lose power by venting to atmosphere. Edit: Seeing as your running much more boost than stock, why not measure the cc pressure to get an exact figure Also: Download The Crankcase Bible, or pm me your email address
  11. The Maths says: Single 2.5" pipe has an area of 4.9in2 (or 9.8in2 for twin pipes) Single 3" pipe has an area of 7.06in2
  12. Just like to add, this would be a good time to clean out your intercooler. The oil in the intercooler pipes has a habit of settling in the intercooler.
  13. Access is ok, 30 minute job. You'll need to get car on ramps/axle stands, remove Undertray, remove intercooler C clip, on the turbo side it's one hex bolt & one torx. Inspect hose for splits/cracks, fit new seal (smearing oil on the new seal will help when refitting)
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