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  1. Hi guys, Driving home from work last night and the DDE light came on and the car went into what appeared to be a limp mode. Went back to the car today, the lights now gone out but the car won't start. I live in the middle of nowhere so I'm going to struggle to get it a diagnostics on it....any suggestions where I could start? I'm assuming its a fueling problem as the starter motor is spinning but its not even trying to start. Further to that I don't really know where to start. Thanks in anticipation,
  2. No limp mode and no errors through diagnostics, I had it scanned just the other week. A while ago I did get a (!) come up under the "D" on the little screen that shows your current drive and the car went into limp mode, I pulled over and restarted the engine and it hasn't been on since... That was around a year ago though! Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
  3. Hi guys, As above, occasionally (only after a start up, sometimes the engine is already warm sometimes not) after selecting drive the gear doesn't engage for sometimes upto a miniute...or sometimes it does, but then a few yards down the road it drops out of gear for a few seconds (the gearbox stays in drive mode). I remember reading somewhere about it being a safety system and drive doesn't engage until the gearbox oil has circulated enough...is this a common occurance? Should I be concerned about it? I will be changing the tranny oil at the end of the month (as part of routine service, I dont think its related). Thoughts?
  4. Hi guys, The car had a funny turn the other day, coming off a roundabout and everything died... Managed to get to the side of the road, restarted the car and it's been fine. The fuel was low at the time so I thought it could of possibly sucked some crap from the bottom of the tank and got lodged in the filter, causing the error... I've just finished a full service (including the fuel filter) hoping it would eliminate the error light, but it hasn't. The car is running fine which seems very odd! I do have an OBD diagnostics reader, I connected it up hoping it would clear the light... The error code it throws out is P1278... Smooth running controller? I'm assuming it's a fueling problem but it's baffled me that the car is running fine, any ideas what else I could try? I won't be able to get to a bmw garage for a week or two
  5. Just bite the bullet and give it a go, I wasn't very comfortable doing mine but once you get started its actually quite simple. The thing I struggled with the most is getting the headlight out, it's wedged in there tight!
  6. I think the same, I messed around for ages with mine and had no joy. Probably wouldn't use it anyway as I'm now running audio from an SD card...it's annoying having something in the car that's not working though!
  7. I may be a little late, but running a cable through the car is a lot easier than it looks. I have two RCA cables and a remote cable running from the HU, down the center console, under the seats and into and under the boot floor...it took no more than an hour! Granted the wireless ones are much easier...I had one on a previous car (it connected with bluetooth) and the signal was very poor...it would constantly flicker and sometimes wouldnt come on at all! Did you get it sorted in the end?
  8. You can buy a little module that wires up with the angel eyes and your headlights/indicators, means at night when you switch your lights on it reduces it to something like 60% power, also at any time you switch your indicator on it dims that sides angel eye - like the Audi/Range rovers. This is the one I purchased (currently out of stock now) - http://www.hids4u.co.uk/daytime-running-light-drl-controller.html I was going to refit my SMD LED's AE's but have decided I'm going to try the new COB versions which aren't as fragmented like the SMD. I never knew such a thing exsisted, thanks I'll have a look around. The thought of messing with more wires does make my stomach turn a little but its a must as they are far too bright at night!
  9. Completed today with thanks to your write up, a little fiddly but a walk in the park when compared to getting the damn headlights in and out! Thanks again, now to try and wire up some kind of dimmer for when the headlights are on... The halos are hella bright, especially at night
  10. The red, white and yellow wire is the one you will need. I believe it can be coded but only as headlights, I don't think the sidelights have a DRL option. I've just finished mine, tapped to accessories wire and foot well light
  11. No, you'll need it tapped into the accessories wire also (the one I pictured above)
  12. I must have missed this when searching, it's a pity there's nowhere in the engine bay to connect it up, the harness seems pretty decent but you would think they would give you enough wire! Anyway thanks for that, I'm going to finish the job today sounds easy enough.
  13. Ah I see, thanks for the heads up. I'm gonna have a go at routing a wire from the footwell lights... I do quite like the idea of remote fade on/off I'll post up how I get on for reference
  14. Very nice, mine came out to play last week for the first time this year
  15. They're not (I don't think) , I purchased before any research and got a flea bay special. What was the reason for not bothering?
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