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  1. Thanks guys not fussed about tax or insurance just fancy a bit more power. Well looks like I'm on the look out for a 330 saloon in hellrot red then.
  2. I thought about it but would like to keep the car and all the bits on it so changing the engine is the better option for me as long as it's not to much bother.
  3. After a little help here. What's involved in changing the engine in my 2001 318 to a 330. Is it as simple as nuts and bolts loom and ecu or are the clocks and key coded aswell. Any immobiliser issues? Thanks in advance.
  4. Well gonna order a gen one tomorrow. See what happens. If that don't work then control module next.
  5. I'm assuming we just have to buy the matching grill. Or are the grill different preface/facelift?
  6. Mine is doing exactly the same. If I unplug it and plug it back in with engine running it works. As soon as the engines switched of then it stops and I need to unplug again. Any ideas people or should I fork out for a gen one?
  7. Ok never mind just found a thread in general section.
  8. Hay people I just changed one of the sensors on the back of the car as it was dead and I was getting the warning every time I put the car in reverse. Now I'm not getting the warning but nothing when I back up ether. All 4 of the sensors are clicking as they should. Do I have to reset the system or somthing? Any ideas guy?
  9. Ok think iv figured it out iv got the double ones on my car takes up 2 slats in the grill. Like these ones. Think it's only some of the single ones that are mist ones.
  10. Thanks bud. The ones on my car are 4 jets one unit on each side each two jets. Can't see any of the later ones on ebay but don't really know what I'm looking for. They all look like normal single and double jets to me. I'm not that fussy just had skodas and vw for ever and seem to me like the mist works better.
  11. What do I do if my cars hellrot red lol?
  12. Hay guys new here. Just wondering do any e46s have mist type windscreen washer jets instead of the jet time ones and if so can they be put on a pre-facelift saloon?
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