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  1. these are as new and need shot of them now please. only used for about 2 weeks, boxed and ready to go to a good home. £70 posted.
  2. as per title... In Phase IPA601 600 Watts 2 Channel Amplifier £50 Alpine SWG-844 400W 8" single £35 £70.00 for the pair
  3. both of the above for sale in mint condition and fully working. Bluetooth module £35 Tv Module £25 £50 for the pair. paypal payment. Thanks
  4. as per title £90 posted. payment via paypal. thanks
  5. As per title which cost me £299.00 a couple of months ago. no longer have the car so need to sell these and some other bits. £150.00 posted payment via paypal thanks
  6. As per title I have 6 brand new boxed for sale. £25.00 posted. Part number: 408110105 Thanks
  7. Hi, I have a full set of Genuine Rainbow Component IL-C6.2 Front Speakers for sale which I have had in my car/vert for around a month. sold the car now so they are no longer required. They are in the box and ready to go. Paid £250 special order from my local car audio centre. For sale at a bargain £150. also have a brand new In-Phase amp to run them which is for sale. would do the pair at £200.00 which is a bargain. PM me if interested. Thanks
  8. Amp Earth

    I am getting some engine noise coming through my system and presume its where I have my amp earthed?! anyone have a suggestions of a good location in the boot? Thanks
  9. Afternoon, I am still suffering with terrible squeaks and rattles from my vert. I have used some of the halford silicone spray on the rubbers but to no joy. anyone know if I can adjust anything to make them magically just FCUK OFF. driving me crazy! Thanks
  10. Eonon or Erisin

    I am thinking of buying a used eonon 5150. what is the screen quality like on these?
  11. FS QM 165 specific BMW made speakers which are in mint condition as new. Comes with some mdf templates for the door panels to just screw in. Easy to fit. Boxed ready to send out. open to sensible offers. PM me any questions. Thanks
  12. FS both in working order when removed and in mint condition. will take a sensible offer for the pair. PM me any questions. thanks
  13. Both in full working order and mint condition. also have the mounting brackets if required. will take a sensible offer for the pair. PM any questions. thanks
  14. Remote Wire For Amp? - Which Wire Do i Tap into?

    thanks all. I have the connector / 16 pin located in the boot if that helps. looking for the easiest way possible and would rather not run in new cable as this is beyond my skill set unfortunately!
  15. Morning, just about to fit an amp to my vert. can someone tell me which wire I connect the remote wire to within my existing loom located in the boot? please help... Thanks