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  1. Sound mate. Will it affect anything else once thats changed? My lights still do the auto level check when turned on and didn't want to lose that. Ta for help.
  2. Hi folks I replaced one injector about a year or so ago due to smooth running issues. I have recently checked the injector correction values and noticed the replacement injector is of a high value 2:00 compared to the others mostly around -0.60 -0.57 etc. I have read heard and seen that these values can be reset on INPA. My question is what happens when I do this? has anyone done this before and had any problems? the car runs totally fine at the moment. I just wanted to know if resetting them would make an improvement? or cause problems? Vehicle is 2002 M57 330d 184bhp.
  3. Its been a while, but I have a question. I have purchased a D can cable with INPA etc. How do I code back in manual adjustment of the headlights? Not sure exactly how to do it? Cheers
  4. Hi folks I just thought that I would share this with you all with it being my first Blog. I currently drive a 330D M57 engined e46 on a 2002. I have had a few issues over the years to include a worn injector causing a wobble on tickover and recent lift pump failure. The lift pump was easy to diagnose as I couldnt hear it when I operated the ignition, I even tried all of the keys to rule out the immobiliser. A new BOSCH unit sorted that fault. The random non start issue was difficlut to diagnose because it would always happen after a short drive and sometimes not rear its head at all. I could return to the car at it would eventually start. It finally broke down last week (Crank and not start) I now had an opportunity to plug it in and be able to carry out some basic fault finding. The engine speed registered on the OBD unit proving that the crank sensor was ok. A camshaft sensor fault was logged and this would appear even when I disconnected the Crank sensor? The engine needs signals from both to start! I ordered an aftermaket O.E quality cam sensor from a local supplier and fitted it. The vehicle would still not start? I had a chat with a guy at Quarry Motors Sheffield and he had a similar issue and told me to fit a genuine sensor. I obtained a replacement Cam Sensor from my local dealer and it sorted the issue the motor now runs and drives as it should. I guess the moral of the story is to purchase genuine engine sensors and not waste your time with pattern stuff. Andy
  5. Hi Folks whilst on the topic of diagnostics and coding. Can anyone recommend a cable and software that I can purchase that works so that I can scan, code etc on my motor. Andy
  6. Hi guys. I finally got to the bottom of this at the weekend. The fuel pump under the car failed and I replaced it at a cost of £134. Deffo the pump had a feed there but no motion. Hit it with a ratchet and it groaned into life.
  7. How do I attach pics to this thread fellas.
  8. Hi mate I've just seen this so apologies. Your original LCM is coded to the particular equipment on your car. I had mine coded by Quarry Motors and have lost the headlamp adjustment feature which is normal. I have facelift rear lights which react differently to a coupe switch or pre facelift switch. CAN Bus sends a signal to bulb check and random LCM can affect this. I also had the Red tamper dot on the dash. The LCM stores Mileage etc. Best to get old one coded by someone who knows or has done it before. Not sure if the body control module has to be coded too? Hope this helps mate
  9. Hi fellas just an update. I ended up having to pay a visit to Quarry Motors in Sheffield to get my original LCM coded for Xenon headlights. I had an issue with the rear lights caused by the random Xenon coded LCM I bought of ebay. My brake lights became my sidelights and my rear side lights in the boot lid became very bright as if the fogs were on. I paid a diagnostic fee and the lads recoded my old switch and everything works as it should.
  10. Hi folks it's finally all complete. I did have to do some modifications. The Halogen housings that I had were slightly different. 1st Modification: The donor Xenon units off the pre face lift had a Yellow adjustment knob at the rear of the headlight which is for adjusting the shield inside for driving abroad. I ended up leaving this out as it required some serious cutting and accurate re-attaching which I could see would have been a major ball ache. There is a long rod that attaches to the shield from the Yellow knob and would have been a nightmare to align. I left this out as you can reach inside and flick it up with a screwdriver if needed. 2nd Modification: I had to remove a plastic tab on the back of the headlight to make space for a 22 mm hole for the igniter loom. I wanted the loom to run a factory like route and look neat so I simply cut the bracket off and used a cone cutter to drill the hole. 3rd Modification: The white plastic igniter box had to be reversed and the loom tucked behind it for safety. The plastic lugs are there ready you just have to drill two small holes in the housing. The reflector just misses the box during the self check so no issues there. In addition to this I made a mistake of trying to wipe the xenon chrome effect surround that fits around the projector with a micro fibre cloth to clean it. This ended up fetching the chrome coating off so I could see through it! Not a major problem as it just clips on to the projector. I sprayed it with a chrome paint called Plastikote and got a pretty good finish. I actually prefer it. I have gone for a temporary M3 headlamp switch control unit that is pre coded for Xenons so I unfortunately have the Red dot next to the miles see pics. I will eventually go for fitting the level sensors when I manage to source the bits for the full conversion. A massive difference at night awesome. I have set the lights slightly low to take into account the lack of self levelling. In addition I did some geeky carbon wrapping on the black internal surround to make it a bit different. Looks pretty smart. I hope this helps anyone thinking of doing it. Trying to figure out how to upload the document to include problem pics. I will add this when I find out.
  11. Ok great. Any recommendations for CAN decoders as there are many different ones available. I would rather buy tried and tested. I also heard that the LCM is matched to the dash insert and has the chassis number in. Is it a case of just fitting a pre coded LCM say of an M3 and it will work?
  12. Does that stop the headlights from flashing when the engine is running? Mine are like a strobe light.
  13. Just had a quick butchers on the forum. Some lads are talking about coding the control module but it disables the light levelling switch. Does pulling the fuse you mentioned disable any other system?
  14. Hi Guys. I have a set of pre facelift Xenons to retro fit to my 2002 facelift. I have plugged them in and have the flashing headlights situation when the engine is running. What do I need to re-code the light module? And is there a specific code? I have a friend who has BMW diagnostic software. I would appreciate your input on this. Andy
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