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  1. Hi all i just bought some E46 M3 mirrors, but because my car is a facelift 330 which is wired for ribbon cable mirrors, they won't work. Can I just buy the door looms from an M3 and that should be all? Or am I missing a piece of the jigsaw? Thanks for any help Cliff
  2. The Year Of The Car - 2004 Model Of The Car - BMW E46 330ci convertible Msport Offset's Front - ET38 Offset Rear - ET33 plus 5mm spacer = ET28 Rim width - Staggered 8.5"front and 9.5" rear Profile - 225/35 front 235/35 rear Archwork required (rolled or pulled) - Neither Size Of The Alloy - 19" Model Of Alloy: Atomic CSL reps
  3. I haven't rolled them yet, but will if need be as I do like a wider fitment than it currently is. I have a selection of spacers here that I've borrowed, including 12mm, and 8mm, but not extended bolts, so I'm not sure if I can test fit them even.
  4. Thank you people, the specs are: Atomic CSL reps. Rears - 19x9.5 ET33, Plus 5mm spacer = ET28 with 235/35/19 tyres. Fronts - 19x8.5 ET38 with 225/35/19 Im going to try a 10mm rear spacer and 12mm on the front, see how far I can push it.
  5. Yeah, I think he went through a phase but now is back on track with the M3 love lol
  6. Here goes then.... With thanks to my buddy Richard at Ruislip tyres for the wheel refurb, and my mate Jack Tyler for the help today, I now have my newly refurbed wheels and new FK coilovers fitted 8-) I still need to let the suspension settle before I make final adjustments and maybe add spacers. Also, the yellow M3, my mate Jack owns it, the mirrors are now mine and will be fitted and sprayed up for my car at some point. I hope you like.
  7. Hi all. I recently bought a 330 convertible but the electric mirrors do not work. Today I checked the fuses, all are ok, then stripped down the drivers side door card to find my mirror is not connected to anything and I have 3 x connectors without a home. I cannot work out from looking on line, exactly what I need. My mirrors are non-folding, please have a look at the photos and see if you can help me out. Thank you Cliff
  8. Thank you all, really pleased with the wheels...... in fact I'm over the flippin moon lol!! Tyres are 225/35/19 fronts, 235/35/19 rears.... just good budgets at the moment, but that will be changing at some point. I might even go 215 on the fronts to be honest. The ride with 19s and standard sport suspension in really not any different to the 18s, I had feared the worst after much reading about harshness, but was surprised to be thinking how luxurious the car still feels, but obviously aware that will change with suspension mods I'm sure.
  9. Here goes then..... new wheels and tyres fitted.... please bear in mind the suspension hasn't been touched yet, but will be sorted soon....
  10. My new wheels arrived, here is a rear wheel test fit ...........
  11. What width and offset are your rear wheels? Got any photos too?
  12. Thank you my friend, I'll put some photos up when they're on. My tyres are being fitted on Monday
  13. Just for completion, and to close this much debated topic after all of the stunning input I've gone for 225/35/19 fronts and 235/35/19 rears.
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